Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Life's Little Pleasures

Want to know a great thing to do? Stick your socks onto the end of your blow dryer, one at a time. Turn the dryer on Low for a few seconds to warm your socks up before putting them on. It's warm goodness for your feet. :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Christmas already??

KLTY started playing their Christmas music yesterday. And I'm not just talking about a smattering a Christmas mixed in with the rest. I mean 100% Christmas music. And on a day where the high reached well above what is respectable for mid-November.

We're supposed to have a cold front move in today, and it may get as low as 32 degrees tonight, but still a high of 60 tomorrow. I'm happy with that, though. It will be good fall weather.

Friday's about to have his rite of passage from boyhood to neuter-hood. That's right. This coming Monday he will go under the knife and come away a lesser kitty. We've decided not to have him declawed. So far his claws haven't been a problem; he only uses his powers for good, not for evil. I suppose if they ever get to be a problem, then we'll reconsider. The problem for now seems to be his sharp little kitten teeth. We need to get some caps for those things or something!

Today I saw Friday jump up to the windowsill by himself for the first time. He's been using his scratching post to climb up there, but I decided it was time for him to figure out that he can jump two feet up to the window by himself, so I moved the scratching post. And he did it! He likes to watch what goes on out the window by our table. Of course, that window faces a very blank yard housed by a very blank fence. But it keeps him occupied, evidently. I would think the front window would be more interesting because there are cars driving by and people walking, but he seems scared of it in the same way he's scared of the door. Maybe it's too close to what he used to have living outside. I think I'd like to put a bird feeder outside Friday's window so he'll have something more interesting to watch.

Something Friday has started doing lately is sitting on my lap while I'm working. But not like a normal lap kitty. No...he has his back paws on my lap and his front paws on the desk/table so he can watch what's happening on the computer screen. Occassionally he gets excited and lunges for the cursor or something, but normally he just watches. What a silly kitty. :)

That's all for today. Was just going to mention the Christmas music but I got chatty. :)

Friday, November 11, 2005

Carrots...or are they???

Want to hear something funny? Today Jon and I spoke at our church's Senior Adults Thanksgiving luncheon, and then we helped serve the lunch. I was spooning up green bean casserole in a line of volunteers. I look at the lady next to me and see what she's serving and say, "I've never seen such big carrots!" She turns to look at me and says, "That's because they're sweet potatoes!" :) Haha! The sweet potatoes were sliced the way carrots are sliced (thin discs), so they looked like slices of big fat carrots to me! :)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Dentist

I haven't been to the dentist since I had my wisdom teeth out. I even did the follow-up check-up over the phone! So when I got a job, I was hopeful that I would have dental benefits. Well, I did...if I paid for it. So now I pay lots of money every paycheck (well, the price of dinner out) so that I don't have to pay lots of money at the dentist (the price of a small car, it seems).

I went to my first appointment in three years this past Monday. I was very excited about it. After three years, my teeth just felt like they needed cleaned. So I make it to the office (after a couple of turnarounds and a call to the dentist to found out where the heck they were located) and fill out all the papers. I get seated in the comfy dentist chair and look expectantly at the dental hygienist, who was there to make the grime of 3 years go away. She grabs a tool, says, "Open wide," and proceeds to scrape on every surface of every tooth.

And suddenly I remember that I hate going to the dentist.

I hate many things about going to the dentist, but probably the thing I hate the most is the little suction thing they put in your mouth to get rid of the water they just sprayed in there. Every time I close down on that thing it inevitably finds my tongue or the side of my cheek to attach itself to. My whole mouth feels like it's being irrevocably pulled and pushed to get as much as it can into the tiny opening of the sucker. Then I open my mouth (after what seems like a battle with a black hole) and the hygienist keeps sucking the rest of the water out. Even then, there's still water left in my mouth! (The sucker seems only interested in human flesh, not anything liquid.) So I wait for the hygienist to turn around and I quickly shut my mouth and swallow. I wish she would have just let me do that in the first place.

I also had to use fluoride this time at the dentist. I remember hating fluoride, and I also thought I remember not having to have it after I turned 18. However, this hygienist was going to make sure I had it. Twice. I had to swish that horrible stuff in my mouth two times. By the beginning of the first swish, my tongue felt like it was on fire. By the end of the second, it felt like little ants had stung it all over. I didn't complain, because I thought that was what I was supposed to be experiencing. The fluoride was eradicating gingivitis, halitosis, and world hunger all in one. That's gotta be painful. However, later the dentist had me look in my mouth, and I saw my tongue, which looked like it had been stung by an army of ants! As far as I'm concerned, I now proclaim myself allergic to fluoride and I won't ever use it again.

All in all, I only had one cavity, and a small one at that. Which was good, because I had a horrible fear that my teeth were about to crumble away from the lack of attention they've received from a dentist these past 3 years. And I walked away not having to pay a dime, which was, in a way, worth it.

I do have to go back in a couple of weeks to get the cavity filled, and that happens to be the day Jon goes to have his first dentist appointment since he had his wisdom teeth out. After that we can enjoy our clean and healthy teeth together over a large Lemonberry slush at Sonic. After all, my teeth have been used to their sugar coating for 3 years. I would hate for them to be without for too long!