Saturday, July 03, 2010

Home Tour: Utility Room

A utility room is one of life's little pleasures. It makes life simpler! Up until this house, our utility "room" has always been a closet with enough room for the washer and dryer only. But this house has a great utility room! It holds our washer and dryer, a really deep sink, shelves to hold pantry and laundry items, cabinets, rods for clothes, and even a place for the litterbox and cat food, finally getting those out of the main part of the house. Our utility room is just as the name implies: a room full of useful things that are utilized almost every day.

The door into the house (the one everyone uses) is here to the right, just in front of the row of hanging bags. The bags are my purses (the one I use when Caleb's with me, and the one I use when he's not), and the reusable shopping bags I take with me for groceries. Directly across from the main door (just in front of the sink) is a little-used door to the back yard. It's the only door with a screen, so I opened it often during springtime to let the air in and so the cats could enjoy the weather. But mostly it's blocked by cat food bowls and doesn't get opened much.

The utility opens into the kitchen area.

The only thing that would make me happier about this room is if I didn't have to use it so much! The never ending laundry pile puts a damper on any utility room, no matter how great!