Friday, June 30, 2006

Work Blues

Things that make me want to not work when I'm in Waco:
  • It's too cold
  • There are people I need to talk to and "catch up" with
  • I get full eating good food with Karen
  • Karen and I talk about non-work stuff, like Hobby Lobby or Central Texas Marketplace, and I want to go there instead of back to work
  • John works just downstairs, and I have to say hi!

Things that make me want to not work when I'm at home:
  • It's too hot
  • Jon is playing and enjoying summer
  • The kitties are both napping, which makes me SO sleepy
  • Mess distracts me (though I usually don't do anything about it once I'm off work)
  • Fun projects tantalize me (painting just 7 feet away from me!)

I'm doomed!

But wait! It's the end of the work day for me, and I'm off until next Wednesday!!

Goodbye computer! Goodbye hard chair! Hello sleepy kitties and painting project!!


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Life of Pi by Yann Martel

I just finished reading Life of Pi by Yann Martel, on loan from Teresa. I now understand why no one I know who has read it has fully reviewed the book. It's an amazing story! Full of life and imagery. Something so full that at the end, I feel I can't explain it. I can't really review it, except to say that it was a great book.

Pi is 16 years old when the ship bound to Canada--carrying his family and the animals from their zoo--sinks. He is the sole survivor, and he survives in the Pacific Ocean for 227 days. His story is one of survival, but most importantly, of resisting the animal instincts that push out morals and faith--that push out humanity itself.

My one regret is that Pi is lost. He equally (and devotedly) practices Christianity (Catholicism), Hinduism, and Islam, and feels there is no problem with that. I kept hoping that he would find true salvation, but he doesn't.

All in all, a wonderful book! So colorful and rich! Read it!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Buddy at Summer Camp

Buddy is our friends' cat. He's here for summer camp! He's a little older than Friday, and much better behaved! As a matter of fact, since Buddy came, we've noticed a dramatic difference in Friday's behavior. He hasn't bitten us once since Buddy came! I think he realizes he has some competition.

Here is Buddy:
Isn't he a nice looking cat? I'd already taken 10 pictures of him. He looks like he's getting wise to the camera, now.

He likes to sleep a lot. This is also very different from Friday. Friday likes to poke Buddy until he finally gets up and wrestles with him. They like to rough house. :)
At first, due to the changing from normal people/schedule/home to summer camp, Buddy didn't eat much, but now the bowls are getting emptied at a pretty fast rate!
You'll notice Friday is the messy eater. No Clean Camp Award for him!

All in all, camp is going well for both kitties. Buddy is getting daily exercise, and Friday is getting schooled in the ways of wrestling. He's getting much better. If I could figure out how to get video sizes small enough, I'd post a funny video where Friday shows himself to be a pansy who's never encountered another cat before, much less one who will bonk him on the head.

In other news, I got my hair cut today. I took a picture right after the lady fixed it, because I figure it will never look like this again:
Pretty much bangs and layers, and for the first time ever, my request to still be able to put it up in a ponytail was actually granted! Sorry I look so serious. It's hard work trying to take a picture of yourself! :)

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Blue Snake

Have you ever seen a child with the proverbial "blankie?" The blanket/toy/whatever is nasty and old, dirty and ragged, but the child loves it and carries it around anyway?

Have you ever heard of cats leaving "presents" for their owners? The dead bird on the doorstep, the mouse on the bed....

I think Friday has combined those two ideas into Blue Snake. It is his blankie and evidently his present to us all in one.

Teresa gave me Blue Snake before we even had a cat. We were moving to a duplex that allowed pets, which got me one step closer to owning a cat. So Teresa gave me Blue Snake (along with some gardening things for my other exciting thing--a yard). Therefore, when Friday came to our door, we were prepared with Blue Snake (and I always keep cat food in the pantry...just in case).

Here is Friday with his friend when he was very little:
Notice how tiny Friday is, and how clean Blue Snake is!

Lately, we've found Blue Snake in some interesting places.
Here, when we got back from vacation:
And here:
Oh, and this is one of the several times I've had to hang Blue Snake up to dry after Friday tried to drown him in the water bowl:
I can't tell if Friday is leaving Blue Snake as a present for us, if he plays awhile and then forgets, or what. The weird thing is that I rarely even see Friday play with Blue Snake! It only happens at night, I guess. But Blue Snake is always in a different place in the morning from where he was the night before. A lot of times Friday leaves him at our door to greet us in the morning.

What a silly kitty. Thanks, Teresa, for making sure Friday had a blankie even before he came. :)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Posting for the Sake of Posting (look out for rambling)

It's been far too long since I've posted. Since then, I've thought of several things to post about, but either they take too much work (posting pictures) or I forget by the time I'm at a computer. So for now, you'll just have to be happy with a random post.

Last night, Jon and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Mexico Real (thank you, Karen D for telling us about it!). It's one of those family-owned places with really good salsa. I love it. Anyway, it turns out that every Thurs-Sat evening, there are two musicians who walk around the restaurant singing and playing classical Spanish guitar. I was so excited! I watched the two men meander from table to table, singing in that beautiful harmony of Spanish music. By the end of our meal, the duet had made their way only a couple of tables away. I watched as they turned toward us. One looked at his watch, and I was afraid they were done for the evening. But they weren't! With a smile, they approached our table and asked if we had any requests. Coming up blank for any Spanish songs, Jon instead requested a romantic song (he's a smart one!). They proceeded to play and sing a beautiful song. It just made my day. So much fun! I want to go there every weekend!

Jon and I have seen several movies lately. Here are my reviews:
Over the Hedge: Very good! Unlike Ice Age 2, there were no hidden "adult" jokes. I laughed all the way through. Stay for the credits.

Cars: Very good as well! Pixar did its signature short film at the beginning, which was enjoyable. The animation was amazing, the moral was good, and it was just funny. Stay for the credits on this one as well. And then stay a little longer, because there's a little bit at the end after all the credits have rolled.

Cellular: Okay, this was false advertising at its worst. I thought the movie was going to be scary. It turned out to be about some guy that could have been in high school that needed to grow up to impress his girlfriend. It was so stupid. The real-life documentary on dirty cops in the extras was far more interesting. And William H. Macey did a great job.

Fun with Dick and Jane: Not really very good. Some parts were funny, but it wasn't worth the time spent to watch it.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Actually quite good. I'd heard that if you wanted to watch a weird movie, then this one was the one to see. And that was true, but I liked it. Admittedly, I like the more "artsy" films that some people don't like, and this falls under that category. I thought the idea behind it was very good: you can erase your memories, but it doesn't mean you won't make the same decisions later, and you lose out for not having those memories. It's rated R for language, no nudity.

The DaVinci Code: Surprisingly disappointing. For the big-name cast, I was very disappointed at the film. It was awkward and felt like it was being forced along. The music was stale--nothing to convey the intensity of the story. The acting wasn't even that good. Just a s0-so movie.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding: Well, I've seen this one lots of times, but I did watch it this week, so it goes on the list. This is a must-see for anyone who hasn't seen it. And if you're in the mood for a chick flick, it's a really great movie. The people are so normal in it. It's one of the few movies I've seen where the lead actress wears an outfit more than once. Family is important, faith is important, and love is a commitment. What a great movie. Also, if you're planning a wedding, this is the best movie to watch to get the right perspective. Tulah was my constant reminder to not worry about the details of the wedding.

Well, that's it for the movies. Anything else random...? Oh, I just tried Blue Bell Wedding Cake ice cream. It was pretty good. I could have done without the vanilla wafers (is that supposed to be like cake or something?) but the rest was good.

That's all for now. Maybe next time I'll take the time to post some pictures. :)