Friday, December 29, 2006

Just a post between posts

Well, there's one final Early Works to come, but before that I wanted to post a quick post to say that Christmas was great! It was great to see family and friends that I haven't seen in awhile. It was great to have Christmas music on at all times. It was great that I hosted, yet somehow only had to warm the turkey and make cranberry relish and fruit salad. It was great that Friday got used to the strangers and constant coming and going, and by Christmas Day was quite the ham, in the middle of everyone's presents (especially the tissue paper and ribbons part). It was just great. Everything was wonderful. Tomorrow I put away decorations and begin planning for next year. ;)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Another year under our belt!

Well, folks, we did it. We got another year of marriage under our belt. We're practically pros by this time. In the past four years we've finished college, enjoyed a year with two incomes, went back to college, paid off two vehicles, moved only once, learned the joys of yardwork, expanded our group of friends, butted heads, cooked together, cleaned together, grown together, surprised each other, and fallen in love more and more each day.

I love you, Jon!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Early Works Part 2

The next artwork is a sketch for a final piece done in colored pencils. There's more detail in the sketch than the final (figure that one out), so that's why I'm including it. (The colored pencil work really stunk, too.) The artist was 13 at the time of this drawing.

There isn't as much imagery available for you to work with, but I leave you to interpret as you will! Remember to think of these things: the author's life, the artistry itself, the artist's intentions, and the interpretation from the viewer's standpoint. Also, remember to make it as funny as you want!

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Early Works, Part 1

Well, the blogging worlds seems to have screeched to a halt this week before Christmas, so I thought I would throw in the beginning of a series: The Early Works. This will chronicle and critique the beginning works of my life as an artist. This will be completely tongue-in-cheek, and I welcome any "interpretations" you may have of the work. Perhaps what the artist (myself) was intending to convey through the art, or if there is a greater social commentary related through the art.

To start us off, I was able to find a rare sketch (worth millions, I'm sure) from the artist as a 10-yr old.

The horse motif is found in many of the artist's early works, primarily because every little girl wants a pony. Or perhaps there was greater meaning. The horse. Wild. Free. Fuzzy.

But first let's discuss the artistry at face value. The horse is generally proportionate, though there is a surreal quality about it. The landscape, though dimensional, seems to be made up of three very specific planes: the horse, the tree, and the mountains. The only indication that these planes comingle is the suggestion of shadows being cast by the tree and mountains into the plane in which the horse resides. The horse, it seems, defies shadows.

There are two types of birds. First, there is the eagle/phoenix rising sort of bird, which seems to suggest that the artist saw too much Western art. Then there is the flock of birds, who are suspended in buzzard-like circling. The eagle obviously represents life and vitality. The buzzards, death. However, because the eagle is centrally placed over the horse, we understand that the artist is further emphasizing the wild, free nature of the horse, and the buzzards are there only to provide greater contrast.

Yet, we will notice that the "wild, free" horse is standing quite still, not partaking in its freedom to run. Perhaps he is frightened by the buzzards?

Obviously, the artist is repressed at the time of this sketch. Her wild spirit is being stifled deep inside of her, and her innocent pencilling is a cry for help. She stands still, afraid of the possibilities, yet she longs to be the great eagle, and fly above the shadows. This artist is most definitely a deeply troubled person.

Either that or she was in desperate need for some art classes.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Countdown of Me

10 Random Things About Me
  1. Both my eyes are the same prescription
  2. I wanted to be a "workerman" when I grew up
  3. One of my favorite children's books was The Happy Dumptruck Man (hence random thing #2)
  4. The only C I made in college was in my major
  5. I cheated in the 2nd grade
  6. I do not generate my own heat
  7. I always use a blinker, even to turn into my driveway
  8. I want to live in Colorado someday, or at least stay for an extended period of time
  9. I want to train a dog to work with the elderly
  10. I didn't realize I was an otter personality until a year ago
9 Things I Love
  1. Jon
  2. My Family
  3. Friday
  4. Blue skies
  5. Nature
  6. Picnics
  7. Singing in the shower
  8. Sponteneity
  9. Watching the birds outside my window
8 Things that Annoy Me
  1. Listening to other people eat
  2. Tailgating
  3. Being forgetful (that annoys me about myself)
  4. Pessimism
  5. The mail lady that skips us when it's hard to get to the mailbox
  6. Ants that keep finding their way into our house
  7. The guy who honks at our neighbor's house, and won't quit until the neighbor comes out
  8. The neighbor who takes her time coming out
7 Favorite Foods
  1. Chips and Salsa
  2. Cheese Enchiladas
  3. Roast
  4. Vanilla Ice Cream
  5. Lemonberry Fresh Fruit Slush from Sonic
  6. Green Beans
  7. Popcorn
6 Favorite Authors
  1. CS Lewis
  2. LM Montgomery
  3. JRR Tolkien
  4. GK Chesterton
  5. Dorothy L Sayers
  6. Roald Dahl
5 Things to Do Before I Die
  1. Raise good kids
  2. Ride in a hot air balloon over the Serengeti
  3. Have a successful garden
  4. Own a home
  5. Pay off student loans!
4 Favorite Quotes
  1. "You think it'll work?" "It would take a miracle."
  2. "Your ANGRY eyes!"
  3. "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." -- Isaac Newton
  4. "Have fun storming the castle!"
3 Stores I Love
  1. Old Navy
  2. IKEA
  3. Target
2 Places I Love to Go
  1. Church
  2. Vacation
1 Thing I Say A Lot
  1. Woohoo!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

One of those days: looking to the future

A lady at work received a rude e-mail, and was very upset by it.
I saw a dead kitten, who had evidently been hit in the road, but made it to a yard to curl up in.
I saw a dead squirrel, who didn't make it off the road.
Cliff's truck got stolen.


It reminds me of Fiddler on the Roof, when all the Jews are being forced out of their homes and countries. A townsperson asks the Rabbi, "Wouldn't now be a good time for the Messiah to come?"

The miracle of Christmas is that the Messiah did come, but how I long for the day when He comes again. Most of the things I listed today are just little things, but they're small reminders that we do live in a fallen world, with much bigger sins and unjustices around us.

Now would be a good time for the Messiah to come.

Monday, December 11, 2006

How do you eat M&Ms?

I've noticed that most people have specific ways they eat M&Ms. For example, I grab a handful of M&Ms, sort them out by color and place them in a long line. The colors form a symmetrical pattern, like a palindrome. So a line of red, blue, orange, blue, red would be a nice line (but way too few!). Then, after organizing my M&Ms such, I eat them one at a time, crunching off the candy coating first, then eating the chocolatey goodness.

So now you know! How do YOU eat M&Ms?

Monday, December 04, 2006

Time to be random!

I've thought about a lot of things lately that would be blogworthy, but really short, so I'll pile them all into one blog.
  1. I saw a box of toilet paper rolls that had blown up all over the highway. Toilet paper was everywhere! It was funny, probably only because it was toilet paper.
  2. I've decided not to worry about Friday and the tree. He has access to it all night long, without me constantly shooing him away from it, and yet the tree still stands. He must not be as hard on it as I think, or that's one solid tree.
  3. I locked myself out of the car while I was in Waco last week. Nice. The locksmith had to come, couldn't use the long wire thing to unlock it, and had to make a new key just by looking at the key inside the car (which was conveniently--and tauntingly--sitting on the driver's side seat). It was amazing. And now I have a spare!
  4. I am thankful that Jon makes sure we have AAA, which happens to pay for locksmiths.
  5. I'm also thankful for Security Guy Carl. He was very worried about me being out in the cold, and made me wait in the office until the locksmith came. Then, I came back out, and wanted to watch the whole process (because it was interesting), but Security Guy Carl really wanted me to go inside so I wouldn't get cold. (My coat was also taunting me from the confines of my car.) He even tried, "I have daughters your age, and I can make you go in." or something like that. I'm pretty sure his daughters are much older than me. I would guess he has granddaughters closer to my age, but I didn't say anything. He was finally happy when I was wrapped in a two-times-too-big jacket with SECURITY emblazoned on the chest, and a fleece neckwarmer thing, only wrapped around my head like a hat. I thought I looked like a cool snowboarder type. I'm sure I did.
  6. As I was heading to Waco earlier that morning (oblivious to the adventures of the day), the passenger side door, which had been frozen shut when I tried to open it in the morning, decided to thaw out and open while I was driving down the highway at 70 mph.
  7. Two girls in our class have had babies in the past three weeks! We're going to meet one of the new babies tonight, and bring the couple supper. I'm making Leanna's mom's famous chicken enchiladas! It's amazing how easy it is to commit to cooking for someone else's family. I've been married for four years, and have made the enchiladas...once, maybe? I should cook more, especially if it involves Leanna's mom's famous chicken enchiladas! And it should be cold more often, so that I actually feel like cooking.
  8. I'm looking at a 9x11 Gladware pan that says it can be put in the oven. Could this be the answer to my I-hate-to-do-dishes-There-should-be-disposable-cookware problem?
  9. Our marketing/sales team at work is having their big meeting this week, so that means three days in Waco! It's always a neat meeting, because I get a sense of the big picture. It's also very tiring, and requires a lot of work ahead of time.
  10. My friend, Cliff, is raising support for his position at Frontiers ministry. If you'd like to be a part of furthering the Kingdom, or just have a lot of money to unload before the end of the year for tax purposes, then I'll get you in touch with him!
  11. I had an impromtu Daddy Daughter Date last Friday (after I finally got my car unlocked), and it was a lot of fun. I would recommend for anyone who's close enough to their dad to meet halfway to do so!
  12. I got to take pictures of my neighbor's baby, Sophia, yesterday for their Christmas pictures. Sophia is a smiley baby, so it was pretty easy. I'll put up a photo, if any turn out. :)
Well, that's about it! And, as you know from random thought #9, it's a busy week, so I better get back to work!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Some of you will understand

For those of you who know me very well, I wanted to tell you that I finally hemmed my favorite jeans. And you thought it would never happen!

Monday, November 27, 2006

To get you in the mood....

It's Christmas time!! So, to get you in the mood, I thought I'd pass on a little holiday cheer!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Obedient Child

Friday watches the birds through the blinds. I try (without success) to stop him.

Do you think I can get the disobedient child I'm bound to have out of the way through Friday?

Just a thought....

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This photo weirds me out.

Friday's brother passed through our backyard today. I saw him on the fence, and my heart nearly stopped because I thought Friday had gotten out! But Friday was definitely inside, staring at his mirror image and meowing. He's never responded to cats in the yard before, but he did to this one! I've seen white cats in our neighborhood, but always at night and from a distance. You'd think something as recessive as pure white wouldn't come out that often, but here it is. I have to think that this cat, though from a different litter, is related to Friday. How crazy is that? Crazy.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The new table and chairs

I've posted before about choosing chairs for my table, which I did decide on some. Then I painted my table, and now I have a brand new dining room! It didn't turn out like what was in my head, but that's what I get for thinking a $10 can of paint would do miracles. :)

Here is the new table:
I was hoping the black chairs and green paint would lend a contemporary feel to the room, but the "bones" of the table were just too traditional to pull it off. With the green paint, it looks very antique, when I was hoping for modern. So my "antique" table paired with the chairs is a more shabby-chic feel, which I suppose is fine, too. It didn't take long to paint, so I can always pick another color some other time.

And here is the centerpiece I put together for it:

And Friday's reaction to the table:

I don't think he likes change. :)

Friday, November 17, 2006

A ghetto thug picked the lock to our house

Today, a man dressed in expensive black slouchy jeans, a zip-up hoodie that said, "South Pole," white leather shoes, a thick silver chain, and a baseball cap picked the lock to our house.

What's ironic is that we paid him $65 to do it. They really need to give locksmiths better uniforms.

So, I'm adding a new item to my Christmas list: a key hider. (No fake piles of poop, please.)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Friday's Clean Bill of Health!

Yesterday, Jon and I took Friday back to the ophthalmologist for his check-up. We've been giving him medicine in his right eye for a viral infection for a month now, and it was time to check on his progress. And his eye is better! Yay! The vet was very surprised at how quickly the eye healed. There is a tiny bit of haze, but that is scarring that the vet says will probably go away completely pretty soon. We have to "wean" Friday off the medicine over the next two months, so that the virus doesn't come back. Well, so it doesn't come back immediately. It will probaby come back another time in his life, since it's a virus, which sticks around. I'm just hoping it doesn't come back for a long time!

On the down side, we heard that phrase that we've heard too many times with Friday, "This is rare in cats." Yes, we found out Friday has a tiny cataract. It turns out cats almost never get cataracts, but leave it to Friday.... The vet said it was so small, there were no worries, and that it would probably never get worse. It's not even visible to the naked eye, really, and it's only a problem if we can see it. So I guess we'll just keep a watch on that, but otherwise not worry about it.

So Friday has made it out of the woods in his latest health ordeal! He pulls through again! Woohoo! Today he's hiding from us, because not only did he go to the vet yesterday, he also got a bath. That's what he gets for sitting his booty in the fireplace soot.
And then, he thought he found the perfect hiding place in the shower...until Jon unknowingly turned the water on at full blast. Now he's ignoring us completely. Poor kitty has had a hard couple of days. But he's better, and we're happy.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Home again, Home again

Karen and I made it home from Seattle, and after a night's sleep, Jon and I joined our class in a camping trip! Jon planned everything, and did a great job! We and another couple got to the site early and set up everyone's tents, and started preparing the food. It was a good thing, because by the time people got off work and made it to the site, it was too dark to set up tents.

We played Mafia, Spades, 42, CatchPhrase, and anything else that came to our heads. For some reason, the trails were muddy and closed, so we enjoyed sitting around the fire and staying close to the campsite.

It was a beautiful weekend, to end a great week, and the only bad thing is that I came home with a cold. But I guess that's expected, considering the rain in Seattle, and the cold temperatures at the campsite.

So there you have it. The end of my "Week in Review" series. :)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Still in Seattle

We just finished our final day of our conference in Seattle! It's been a crazy three days of classes. We've gone to about 6 classes a day. Each hour had between 3 and 5 classes to choose from, and we chose the classes that most applied to what we would need. For example, I took a class today about tables, because I know nothing about tables. Karen took a class about world languages yesterday. So we pick and choose the best classes for us, and come away with a TON of information. The next goal is to figure out how to apply all the stuff we've learned!

Yesterday, Karen and I had an hour right before lunch that had classes neither one of us were interested in, so we played hooky and went to Pike Place Market! Everyone who's been to Seattle said that we HAD to go there, and this would be our only chance. We took a taxi there and back from the Adobe University, and had a whole lot of fun! It's so interesting, and different from anything I'd ever seen.

There were all kinds of fish there:
There are people who throw the fish around, which is what makes Pike Place so memorable. Here is a fish thrower:
Okay, so he's not paying attention, and he actually did drop a fish once. :)

Everything was very old. I had a sense that people had been walking on these floors, and up and down these stairs, for year and years:
And Karen introduced me to dates!
mab had mentioned that everyone should try a date in their lives, so I did. :) It was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be! Still, it was incredibly sweet, and I didn't make it through the whole date.

The fall foliage here has been beautiful:
There have been trees dressed in reds, golds, oranges, so many beautiful colors! And they're different from the trees that grow in Texas, so it's been fun to try to identify them.

This morning we woke up to blue skies!
Okay, it's hard to tell, but that sky has a lot less clouds than it has had the rest of the week! It stayed dry all day today, and it's been a good look at Seattle on a good day.

Here we are at Adobe University. I'm wearing my "vintage" Adobe t-shirt, a gift from my dad, from his font days. He guesses it's from about 1990, and I got a comment today, "Now there's an old shirt!" They just don't appreciate the classics, I guess.

Overall, we've had a great time. We're ready to come home tomorrow, but it's been a really good week!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We're in Seattle!

Hello World!

Karen and I made it to Seattle Sunday evening, with no problems or anything. Yesterday, we enjoyed a very full day of classes at Adobe University, and came back to the hotel comparing notes from the classes we each took. We've already learned a ton!

It has rained the whole time we've been here! (Those bright spots in the picture to the left are raindrops on the windshield.) And all my photos are at night, because it's already dark by the time we get out of classes at 5:30.

It stopped raining long enough yesterday evening for us to go "out on the town" and enjoy some shopping. It turns out I can't afford Nordstroms, even on sale. But I bought a "Sleepless in Seattle" winter hat! :)

Oh, and if you've seen the reports of flooding and all that, we haven't seen any flooding, yet. And we're going everywhere on public transportation, and they generally know what they're doing. At least better than we do in a city we don't know!

Anyway, we're heading off to another day of classes. Just wanted to check in and say we made it! More later!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy November!

The holidays are upon us! I can't believe it's already November. Its going to be a crazy next two months. I've got a camping trip to plan, a conference to attend, parties to organize, and Gilder to blame for it. I'm swamped! (name that movie)

So, in the spirit of the holidays, I'm trying to get organized. I'm using Google's handy online spreadsheets to keep track of everything related to our family Christmas: gift lists, addresses, menus, etc. I'm also using it to keep a weekly grocery list and a packing list for my upcoming conference. I would recommend it, especially for people as unorganized as I am! I can't lose it, because it's all online. And I can edit in on any computer I'm on, in case I think of something while I'm in Waco or...well, I never go anywhere else. But if I were to go somewhere else, I could still make changes. Organization helps me feel less stressed. I usually end up over-organizing, and never actually getting anything done. :)

Speaking of computers, I have a new work computer! It's the MacBook Pro 17 in laptop, and oh, it's very nice.... What I like about Macs is that they have great programs, they're well thought out, and they have fun little things you can do right out of the box. For example, there is a program called Photo Booth that really has no use at all, except to take funny pictures of yourself. It basically uses different filters to distort the camera image. Like I said, completely useless, but perfect for making PC users jealous when I turn on my computer for the first time, pop open Photo Booth, and show them something they've never seen before. Apple is so smart to have stuff like that included. It's one of those programs that you get tired of quickly, but really helps you love your computer right out of the box. Ingenious.

Next week, Karen and I are heading to Seattle, WA, for a design conference! How exciting is that! We'll be learning more about InDesign, which is the program we both use every day. It's going to be three long days of classes, but it's going to be great. I've never been that far Northwest, so I'm excited! Of course, predictions are for rain the whole week, but what better way to experience Seattle?

Probably from now til I get back (and a little after, since we go camping the day after we get home) you won't be hearing much from me. But after that, I'll post some pics of Seattle, the account of the trip, and any funny camping stories I'll have! Whew, I'm a little stressed thinking about all the things coming up, but it's going to be fun, a whirlwind, and pretty soon, it's going to be the New Year! Holy Cow!

Monday, October 23, 2006


There are famous people in town! One right next door!

This is what I saw on Saturday afternoon:

That's right! SpongeBob SquarePants was in my neighbor's yard. And, judging by the silly string on my driveway, he was in my yard, too. My neighbor was having a birthday party for her son, and SpongeBob came! I couldn't resist taking a covert photo from my car. At this point, they're singing, "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands...." First, I feel sorry for the dude in the yellow box. Maybe he loves kids, or gets paid a huge amount of money (which I doubt), but that's gotta be on my list of jobs I'd never want. Second, I feel sorry for mom, and every other parent in the world who has to listen to SpongeBob and Barney all day long. What do parents do to stay sane? Maybe this was why my parents didn't have a tv when we were growing up. For their own well-being, not ours!

My next sighting that day was Tim Curry! Okay, maybe not Tim Curry himself, but he seems to be campaigning in my town!

If you don't know who Tim Curry is, he's an actor who's been in lots of things, but I will always think of him as Dr. Poole in Oscar:

And those are my famous people/sponge sightings!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Does anyone want to shop for me??

I'm stuck. Or maybe unmotivated. Or maybe figuring I have no way to find the solution. So...I've decided to come to the Blogger community for help!

My dining room table seats six, but came with no chairs, so I found six mismatching chairs in various places: garage sales, resale shops, etc. The plan was (is) to paint the chairs all one color (black), and have the shabby chic look going on.

My chairs are falling apart. One has always had problems, one seems rickety, and I always make sure the smallest person sits in it, and another has decided to crack all through the chair legs. So three of my six chairs are now out of commission. The cracked chair might be fixed with a little gorilla glue, but the issue remains that these chairs are not really made to last. Or they are, but I bought them at the end of their days. However, of the three remaining chairs, I really like two of them, and don't want to part with them.

Problem (continued):
We are hosting a rather large Christmas dinner, in which there will probably be more than six people eating, and now we only have three acceptable chairs. And, now that I think of it, our table only seats six....

I need to find very cheap, very sturdy chairs! Do I need to go garage-saling again? And I'd like to spend no more than $20 per chair. Is this unrealistic? I guess these chairs have lasted almost four years, which is pretty good for garage sale chairs. I found $20 chairs at IKEA, and they're even black and in the mission style I like, but I'm not sure I can trust IKEA for sturdy chairs.

Here are chairs I like:

This one I found at a "discount" store online for $150. I like armed chairs for the head and foot of the table, and no arms for the side chairs.

This one is from IKEA for $60. I like the cushion, since I sit at the table all day every day, and I'd like something comfy.

And this is the $20 chair I've seen from IKEA. It doesn't look very comfortable (the seat is so flat), but it is in the price range, and it's mission style, which fits the rest of the house. All in all, an acceptable chair, except for the comfort, and it's probably really cheaply made. (And, concerning comfort, I already have a cushion I can use for work. Otherwise, we don't stay at the table that long.)

All these chairs are stained dark brown, but painted black is fine, too.

So...does anyone want to spend time chair hunting? I know some of you just wander aimlessly on the internet; you could use some direction! It'll be like a treasure hunt! If you find anything, post a link in the comments section! Thanks, and have fun solving my problem!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Drivin' Along in My Automobile....

Today I drove to Dallas for a design conference. The conference was really great, and Karen got to come, too, which made it even better! The drive, though, was not so fun. I don't really like to drive, mostly because I like to look around, and I can't look around as much when I'm the one responsible for the large object careening along at 70 mph. However, I did manage to see some funny things.

First, I got stuck behind one of those new VW bugs. It was going about 58, and driving me crazy. I couldn't get around, and I was getting mad at whatever teeny bopper girl was not paying attention and driving below the speed limit. Finally, there was a break in the line of cars in the next lane, so I took advantage of it and moved around the bug. As I passed it, I was surprised to see a handicapped tag hanging on the rearview mirror. The driver was a little old man! He was so cute, in his little VW bug, that I had to laugh. That's what I get for being impatient.

Then, I came up behind a large truck, kind of like a moving van. The company name emblazoned on the back was "Totally Confused Transportation." That's right! Then, as I moved alongside it, I saw its logo:
Is that funny or what?? And why on earth would you ever name a trucking company that?

Anyway, those made me laugh today. Traffic wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been, and I didn't get lost! All in all, a successful day!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Who is the wind beneath my wings?

I just read an interesting article today. It discusses the top 10 songs requested at British funerals. Here is the list:
  1. Goodbye My Lover - James Blunt
  2. Angels - Robbie Williams
  3. I've Had The Time Of My Life - Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley.
  4. Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler
  5. Pie Jesu - Requiem
  6. Candle In The Wind - Elton John
  7. With Or Without You - U2
  8. Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton
  9. Every Breath You Take - The Police
  10. Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers
I know I live in a bubble, and I wouldn't know about some if these songs had it not been for my dear friend and roommate, Leanna (you know which songs!), but none of these would be in my top 10 list. I'm not sure I would want a love song sung at my funeral. But then again, I know I will always connect certain love songs to Jon, and if he does the same for me, I wouldn't want to deny him the playing of those songs. However, I think we both understand that a funeral is not just about celebration of life and love, but of the new life that our loved one has now stepped into. As a matter of fact, this life, and any love in it, pales to that new life. And I think the service should reflect that.

I'm also not sure I would want a contemporary song sung at my funeral. The occasion seems much more...timeless. But then I'm considering these things as how it should be 80 years from now (I'm going to be really old when I die!). Maybe it would be different at a different age.

Anyway, just thought the article was interesting. I think any topic surrounding death is interesting, when comparing a worldly view with a Christian one. I, personally, can't wait for heaven, and I hope, when I die at age 104, that the funeral is a party! You're all invited! If you're not down here, I'll be partying with you up there!! :D

Monday, October 02, 2006

Toot Toot!

Tooting my own horn here, I wanted to show you what I made for the Love Offering for Jesus push that we do every year at our church. The offering is a year-round offering, and it gives money to the major things like Annie Armstrong, Mary Hill Davis, etc. Because it's a pledge to give year-round, the amount we as a church give to these individual emphases is much higher.

I made this banner! It's 4 feet by 12 feet, and it hangs above our baptistry. The Minister of Media helped with it, as well, so I can't take all the credit, but I was there to teach him how to use Illustrator, and for design instruction. It's the biggest thing I've ever made, and I think it turned out great! So fun!

In other news, I won the Most Positive award that my coworkers and I have been in the running for throughout this past month! I won $100! Considering that the Big Boss smoothly pulled out a hundred dollar bill from a wad in his wallet when he presented the contest, I don't think he would have really appreciated the money had he won. I, on the other hand, have only seen a hundred dollar bill one other time in my life, and I'm excited about it. I'm thinking it should either go to Friday's ophthalmologist bill...or to the State Fair!!

Yay for blessings!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

God's Creation

This morning I received a call that my friend, Joe, lost his beagle. She was well into her teen years, and died of old age. It reminded me of when I lost my cat, who had been my best friend as I grew up. I'm sure you can remember the loss of your favorite pet, or the love of your current one. Pets somehow touch a part of us that nothing and no one else can.

I'd like to think that animals go to heaven. If a burro can proclaim God's message, then who says animals can't also claim that message? I'm pretty sure I wouldn't win any theological debates on that point, but I'd still like to think it. A professor once said that heaven is different for different people. To some, heaven will be a library; to others, an orchestra hall. For me, it would be nature perfected. I don't really agree with that professor's idea of heaven (after all, who cares about books, or even nature, when we're in the presence of God??), but I also can't picture a "new heaven and new earth" without animals. Animals not because I like them, but because God created them. The fall of Man was actually the fall of creation. We see that in viruses, trees afflicted by cancer, and animals behaving as they shouldn't. Why do we think that only Man can be redeemed?

The import of that is this: If animals do indeed go to heaven, it elevates their significance. "Just another dead bird" is now flying as it never flew before. A deer is leaping for joy at meeting its Creator. We can't look at animals callously. And, really, we shouldn't whether they're in heaven or not. They're still God's creation. A pet isn't here just for our whims; a pet is for us to care for and protect. I wonder if our view of animals doesn't come from our habit of being slightly narcissistic, and believing the world revolves around us? Is it too hard to imagine that Christ came to redeem the world, and not just the people?

I'd like to know what you think. If you've been changed by a wet nose, happy bark, soft face, or contented purr, I'd be interested to know if you believe that your childhood pets are frolicking with mine. And if you have never experienced that sort of bond with an animal, your thoughts would be appreciated as well (and I think you should head to the Human Society right after posting). :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The End of Summer Camp

It's officially the end of summer camp. Cliff and Teresa came and picked Buddy up last night. Now, we're waiting to see Friday's reaction. We're wondering if he even realizes Buddy is gone. After all, it took him a while to realize he was here! I thought up different ideas to keep Friday entertained over the next few days while he readjusts to being an only child. We decided not to let him in our bedroom last night. It would just be one more deviation from the norm. And he did just fine. Never whined or scratched at our door or anything, which is good for him on any day! Now he's just slept all day today.

I hope Buddy is adjusting well! I wonder if he's ventured out of his basket today, and if Gracie remembers him. Maybe he's found a nice window to watch the squirrels.

In other cat news, Friday has been battling a corneal ulcer for over a month. That's right--an ulcer on his eye. He's been a trooper, and has endured countless medicines and vet visits. (Did I say countless? I meant 4 medicines, over a period of 6 times a day at its worst, and 5 vet visits.) Yet, despite our efforts, his eye is not healing. The next step is to take him to a veterinary opthalmologist (did anyone know those even existed??), which we'll do in two weeks. That was the earliest we could get in. A corneal ulcer did not sound like a big deal to them, and they think he'll be fine. Then again, in the realm of eye grossies, I'm sure they've seen much worse.

My prayer is that whatever the solution is for Friday's eye, it doesn't make us decide between spending enormous amounts of money, or losing the sight in that eye. I don't think I could handle a tough decision like that. I mean, with a child, the answer is obvious. But I realize that a cat is not a child, and maybe it's not wise to spend lots of money on an animal that wouldn't really worry if he only had sight in one eye. But maybe it is wise. I mean, he's ours, and we're responsible for caring for him. I'm just not sure where the line is.

We've been blessed that our vet is a Christian, and knows we're in seminary, so he often doesn't charge us for things he could. I'm hoping the eye vet will be as sympathetic, because I have a feeling that he can charge pretty much whatever he wants. We'll give a report after the appointment on Oct. 9!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

On Silent Films

I was going to leave this blank, and only post with the title, but I figured only my dad would get the joke, and he doesn't read my blog. So on with the (non-silent--quite wordy, actually) post....

I think I'm pretty safe in assuming that none of you in my general audience are old enough to have experienced silent movies first-hand--none save one. I know my Grandpa reads this, and he just might have been old enough to remember them. Anyway, I certainly had never seen a silent movie until a few weeks ago. I pulled a movie from our shelves that I had never watched. It was a dollar movie I picked up over a year ago at the grocery store. The blurb said it was "The Ring" by Alfred Hitchcock, a 1952 movie about a man who gets out of the slums by boxing, and has to work to regain respect from his dad. Sounded fine to me, so I stuck the DVD in the player.

My first impression was of the quality of the movie, and how it reminded me of a VERY old film. It was black and white, lots of dust and things coming across the screen, and the motions were really jerky, like those "0ld-timey" movies that didn't get the film speed right. I kept expecting Alfred Hitchcock to make his traditional appearance, and things to return to 1952 normal, but they never did! After being quite confused for several minutes, I finally realized the blurb on the DVD was for the wrong movie. This was "The Ring" by Alfred Hitchcock, a 1927 silent film where a man rises in celebrity as a boxer, and has to fight to keep the love of his wife.

All in all, it was a great film! Alfred Hitchcock did not make his appearance, and it wasn't even a mystery. I'm not sure when he began directing, but I would assume this was one of his first films. However, the shots were excellent, and the angles very well thought-out, just as in his later films. The characters mouthed lots of conversation to each other, very little of which was "subtitled" for the viewer. But I was surprised that I was able to follow the plot all the way through. I didn't realize how little conversation I actually needed to hear to know what's going on.

It was more tedious to watch this film than modern films, but it was neat to imagine that, until recently, this film had probably never been seen outside of the big screen. This was a movie about the 20s, for people from the 20s to watch. The depiction of the roaring 20s was a little different from what I've seen in my history books. The Charleston was a lot more lively than I've ever known it to be!

Somehow I felt a little of that realization that the "here and now" is not all there has ever been. It was a neat experience, and I would recommend anyone who hasn't seen a silent film to see one. And if you're at a loss of where to start, try "The Ring" by Alfred Hitchcock.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Time for a random post

Well, it's been awhile since I've just rambled on, so I thought it was due. I mean, you could tell I was stretching with the cat bath post. Stories are just not coming into my head lately. So, today, you get snippets.

I got a new toy yesterday! It's a speedometer for my bike! How awesome is that? This morning we tried it out, and we go 10-12 mph. I have no idea if that's bad or good. Jon keeps telling me that speed isn't what's important, though. That it's keeping your heart rate up for a certain period of time. So I guess I won't worry about it. But it's still cool to have a speedometer.

Friday thinks he's found a new toy. It's my vase of flowers. These are orchids, and there are 5-10 flowers on each stem (no leaves). Friday has figured out he can pull off a flower and have a very fun toy, until it wilts and tears, of course. I think he thinks he's found a toy tree. Kind of like a money tree, only more exciting for cats.

This weekend is the Saturday o' Showers for Leanna! I've gotten almost all my Matron of Honor duties accomplished, and it's not even Friday yet! I'm so proud of myself. And I'm so excited about the showers, and especially about the wedding in less than a month! But here is my question to you: Have you ever heard of another title for the Matron of Honor? If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it! I am so glad to have the honor, but if there were another name that didn't add 20 years, that would be nice. I think it should at least be "Matron o' Honor" just for fun. :)

What else....?

Work is crazy. So crazy, that the marketing boss is giving a prize to the person who can remain positive through the next month. I'm determined, because it's a good prize. But I have to make the button or certificate or whatever that will be handed out with the prize. Like I have time for that! With all the other junk I have to do!! ... Oh, was that not positive? I mean, yes sir! One button coming up, sir!

Which brings up the topic of positive reinforcement. I've been wondering if traffic would be safer if cops gave out tax breaks or something to good drivers, instead of tickets to bad ones. Because, frankly, a speed limit just provokes people to want to break it. I have no idea why, but when the limit is 65, I want to go 70. I'm perfectly fine with going 70. But then the limit bumps up to 70, and suddenly, I feel a need to go 75. It's a vicious trend. However, I think if cops were handing out gift cards for gas, or 6 mos worth of car insurance, I might be more inclined to see a cop and say, "Pick me! Pick me! I've been going 2 miles under the whole time!!" I really think DPS should look into the idea of positive reinforcement.

Well, that's about it. If you notice that I'm posting during work hours, that's because I've worked well into the night the past several days (yes, that includes the weekend). It's been that crazy. But hopefully my part of this project we're doing is almost over. The end is in sight! I can do it! I'm going to win the button! And I really love my job, so it's worth a few nights working. Too many, and it won't be worth it. But for now, it's still a really great job.

So those are my random thoughts for the day. You may have to wait for things to slow down a little before something more interesting comes out of my brain. :)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

How to Bathe a Cat

First of all, this topic is not for the faint of heart. You have to know your own cat, and each one will act differently. As a matter of fact, each one may act a different way each time. So always stay on your toes. Reading this and following these directions will in no way hold me liable to any injury caused in the process of bathing a cat. Proceed with caution.
  1. Find a partner in crime. It takes two people to wash a cat.
  2. Gather your materials before getting the cat. These are: cat shampoo (not people shampoo), an old bath towel, a sink with a spray nozzle attachment.
  3. Turn the water on in the sink to start warming it up. Warm it to where it feels neutral to your hand or slightly warmer. Cats are warmer than humans, and it will feel colder to them.
  4. Find the cat. Suggestions: under the bed, back corner of the closet, the mystery place you haven't yet found, but he always seems to disappear to.
  5. One person needs to hold the cat with two hands under the cat's armpits. Let the cat's back feet rest on the floor of the sink. Be sure and stop up the sink drain so the cat doesn't accidentally slip and get a foot stuck in it. You may have to pause the process and drain the sink periodically.
  6. The other person needs to quickly wet down the cat with the sprayer. Wet everything but the cat's head. Ignore the yowling that may commence. The cat is not in pain; it just thinks it is. If the cat begins to resist and struggle, have the holder restrain any part that is trying to move, or lift the cat above the sink, so he has no leverage. Do not bring the cat near your shirt, or you will most likely receive several new unneccessary buttonholes.
  7. After the cat is sufficiently wet, squirt a fair amount of shampoo all over the cat (again avoiding the head).
  8. Vigorously scrub the cat, making sure you get soap all the way through the thick coat. Concentrate on areas that attract dirt, like paws.
  9. Again use the sprayer to hose down the cat. Start at the top, and rinse all the way down. Be sure to get as much soap off as possible. Even though it is pet soap, it's not good to ingest too much.
  10. Apologize when you accidentally hose down the holder, as well.
  11. At this point, use your wet hands to gently wipe down your cat's face. Only do what it necessary to clean your cat's head. You don't want water going in their ears or eyes.
  12. Drape a bath towel over both arms, covering your chest.
  13. Have the holder place the cat in the towel hammock you've created.
  14. Immediately wrap the cat tightly in the towel. The cat will not be happy, and will want to use his claws for evil, as well as jump as far away as he can. By wrapping up both back and front legs, you can keep this from happening.
  15. While keeping the towel tight, vigorously rub the cat down. Cats get cold easily, and you don't want excess water in their fur. (Do not give a cat a bath during winter.) While it seems like a good idea, a hair dryer usually doesn't go over too well with cats.
  16. Slow your rub-down to a pet, and speak soothingly to your cat. Try to calm him down before letting him go. If he'll take it, give him a treat.
  17. Release the cat.
  18. Go change your clothes, as, despite your efforts, you will now be soaking wet.
  19. Watch as the cat proceeds to lick every clean part of him, undoing all your hard labor.
Friday has had this process periodically ever since he was small enough to bathe holding him in one hand, and it only took a hand towel to dry him off. Now he soaks a full-blown bath towel, and tries to make as much mess as he can. The first time we bathed Buddy, he went completely limp. Jon was holding him, and he was dead weight the whole time. He had no idea what we were doing to him, and I think he would have rather been dead. The next time, he was much wiser, and decided he didn't want any more of that. It turns out cats can be quite strong!

Cats don't really need baths unless they get into something. Most of the time, they clean themselves just fine (unless, like Jon, you think that cat spit could in no way be considered clean). Bathing a cat once a month helps control the amount of dried saliva on a cat's skin, which is what causes allergic reactions in people.

So there you have it. Nineteen steps to a clean cat, and a happier you. Okay, maybe you won't be too happy. And yes, I'll understand if you reconsider the importance of a clean cat after this.

But you now have a clean cat, and your cat feels he has taught you a valuable lesson. All in all, a worthwhile venture.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Our Tour de France

One lap around the neighborhood
Two point five miles
"Check the time!"
And we're off.
At first a struggle
Then quicker down a hill
to set the pace.
A cool breeze
Is fall already here? It won't last.
The ice cream truck
plays The Entertainer
No, it's still summer
A fire burning
Steaks on the grill
Mmm, that smells good...

I shift my balance to ease into a curve
A lawn mower roars
Freshly cut grass
Clean smell of nutrient-filled soil
Clamor of nails on asphalt
My legs ache.

Another grill, this time links
I would definitely choose steak
Boom boom thwack!
Boom boom thwack!

The battle cry of a chihuahua
The Entertainer follows us with tired tones
Ice cream sounds good....
A basketball dribbled


Coast down a hill
Rest for burning muscles
Breathe deeply
Prepare for The Hill
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon.....
Hit the base of the hill
Frantic pace
Momentum lost
The Hill conquers as I
slow to a crawl

Down the back of The Hill
"You're doing great! Keep it up!"
Renewed energy

Second lap around

Lazy cats
Leaves rustle
Another nod
to passersby
Or are we the passersby?

A nod
to community

One more hill
One final turn
Our street at last
The end
of our Tour de France

"How'd we do?"
"Twenty two minutes. Not a record, but what a great ride!"

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sharks in the Brazos

I saw sharks in the Brazos, and...okay, so they were just on the bank of the Brazos...and they were already dead...and...okay...they were only 1.5 feet long, but they were still sharks, and I reported it to Texas Parks and Wildlife, and got to create a sensation in their office, and the Game Warden (or somebody like it) called me, and I got to tell him my shark story, and we figure someone dumped them there, and I hope they get caught!

Monday, September 04, 2006


I love to do things with my hands. I like fixing things, and WD-40 is one of my favorite products. Therefore, I was excited the other day when I realized one of our showers was not draining properly. I did my research, accumulated the right supplies, applied a little elbow grease, and voila! our shower works! All at the expense of a couple of dollars.

My weapons were:
baking soda
boiling water
clothes hanger

Baking soda and vinegar fizz their way through blockages, and baking soda and boiling water turns into a force to behold against grime. :) The clothes hanger was bent to pull out grossie things which I won't describe, but frankly made me want to puke.

I was very proud of myself. I made Jon come and observe the wonder of water draining as it should. And then I proceeded to clean out the other shower drain and a sink. I've decided that the baking soda and vinegar combination might just make it to my list of favorite products.

Monday, August 28, 2006

My dream car

Many of you know that the Corvette is my favorite car. When I get rich as a painter, I'm going to get one, just for fun. I've had trouble deciding on what color, until our trip to Granbury a few weekends ago, when I saw this:

I've decided it has to be a red Corvette. Previously, I thought that might be too ostentatious, but it's so beautiful.... And I've also decided to install massive amounts of lights in my garage, to get just this effect.

And yes, I'll take you for a ride, but no, you cannot borrow my dream car.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The fruits of my labor

Well, summertime is coming to a close (though it doesn't feel like it), and gardeners everywhere are picking the bountiful harvest of their summer vegetable gardens. Today, I collected the fruits of my labor from this summer's garden:

Yes, that's it. A pepper. One little, tiny pepper. According to the picture on the seed packet, it should have been about 4 inches long. This one's pushing an inch. Then again, if it had been 4 inches, it would have hit the ground, because the plant itself never made it much taller than that.

So I'm going to make a few amendments to my gardening plan next year. Because I did have success with the peppers (and yes, considering the rest of my vegetable garden, one pepper is a success, thank you), I'll plant those again, only earlier, and in more soil. Then I'm going to buy beautiful flowers like the ones my grandmother gave me in July--only I'll get them in March, so they'll have time to grow before Hades hits Texas.

Someday, I'm going to be a great gardener. :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Okay, seriously, people!

Is it true that eyebrow waxing gets less painful the more you do it, or is that some horrible lie being passed around so more people will join in the misery? Because I just got my eyebrows waxed for the first time, and it stinkin' hurt. And now my eyebrows are about half the size they used to be.

I'm thinking this is a case of Misery Loves Company, and I'm not sure I'm joining after this.

Monday, August 14, 2006

On my way....

Well, I just got home from Home Depot with 64 feet of lumber for frames for my paintings! I've picked out four photos that follow the same basic style and are ones I'll enjoy painting, so I am really excited. If I get picked to be in the festival, I've decided that I'll make several more big paintings, and supplement with lots of small ones. We'll see how it goes! I'm on my way!! More postings later on the topic.

Oh, I also came home with a bump on my head. Jon put all the lumber in the back of the truck at Home Depot, and I was about to staple a red rag on the longest piece (it stuck out a few feet from the back of the truck). I had to get the staples from the cab of the truck, and in heading that way, I walked right into the end of a 1x4! I guess that's why it needed a bright red rag on it.

Jon took me to Granbury this weekend! We went to a bed & breakfast on Saturday night, and enjoyed an art museum, a nice restaurant with two guys singing requests, the lake, and a picnic! It was so great and relaxing. I just learned that I shouldn't ask the couple across from us at the breakfast table how long they've been married--just in case they aren't married at all. It was an honest mistake!

We have a new member of the blogging community. My mom has started a blog up called Carolyn's Chronicles, with some interesting commentary on working in a prison, and other things. Witty, yet poignant. :) I'll be putting her blog in the links section of this site.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


I think I have a streak of the entrepreneur in me. I have come up with about 18 different ideas on how to make money, have acted on about 3 of those, but never to the point of actually doing anything.

I just think there needs to be a way to make money doing what I love. As an artist, there seems a very obvious answer. However, it takes a whole lot of guts to create art. I'd almost rather a big money investment than to release my art to the public. And you know how much I hate spending money! So, it seems I have stage fright. I really enjoyed painting for John and Karen, and that's kind of gotten me thinking back to one of my ideas: putting together several paintings for the Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival that's held in downtown Fort Worth every year.

The first year I went to the festival, Jon and I wandered into a tent with beautiful, very realistic, acrylic paintings. There was a man in the tent, and we started a conversation with him. It turns out they were his wife's paintings, but she hated the "selling" part of the deal, and contented in making the paintings, and allowing her husband to do the PR. Jon and I decided that if I were ever to do paintings, we could probably work a deal like that. At the time, though, I wasn't really sure painting was my art form.

In a way, I feel unqualified. I know God has given me artistic talent, but it still has to be honed to be any good. I've only taken one acrylics class, and didn't feel like I understood what I was doing until the very end. It's hard for me to work hard at something that I'm not good at. It's hard for everybody. But, I would be dishonoring God to not perfect a gift He has given me.

So here it is. I'd like to start making paintings for the arts festival. I know, I know...I come up with a lot of hare-brained ideas, and I don't follow through with most of them. And I'll probably get discouraged and want to quit. So that's why I'm letting you know, so you'll encourage me, ask me how it's going, critique paintings I put up here, and above all, come to the festival if I make it in! :)

Here is the info: I have to submit photos of 5 paintings by October 31st. I already have one, and if I come to the end, I could use photos of the paintings I did in college. I would apply as an Emerging Artist, which is for people who don't have experience displaying or selling their work. If I'm selected, I would be provided a booth and electricity free of charge!

I'm letting you know all this so you'll keep me accountable! I already want to give up! How intimidating! But how exciting! Aaahh!!!

Monday, July 31, 2006


I'd like to introduce "Through a Lense Darkly" written by my very own husband! :) Jon's decided to start a blog about world issues, how Christians should respond to those issues, and our call to be a light in a dark world. His goal is to call Christians to think. He's started off with a compelling book review, and I'm sure would love your comments! I've put his blog in my "links" section.

Last week, Jon and I tried something new.

It's CocaCola Blak, and it's supposed to taste like coffee. Imagine a Starbucks Frapuccino from the grocery store. Only this is carbonated, and it's got an aftertaste of Diet Coke. All in all, not good. Stick to Starbucks. But wow! what a gorgeous design!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bad Days

What do you do when you have a bad day?

I sleep. I do not like to deal with problems, and the more that piles on my plate, the further under the covers I burrow. That really doesn't help my situation any, but I haven't figured that out, yet.

I have a tendency to get overwhelmed. I think of the things I need to do for the week, and then the things I want to do for the week, and then the things I should do before I die (and I might as well put those on this week's To Do list), and I get overwhelmed.

I'm learning to differentiate between need and want. Next, I need to learn the discipline to do the needs before the wants. I need to work on keeping my To Do list short, and actually do-able.

When I have a bad day, and feel overwhelmed, I don't need to sleep. This is what I need to hear:
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Jesus Christ. Philippians 4:6-7
Sleep does nothing, but this verse gives me a very clear-cut--and manageable--To Do list.
  1. Do not worry
  2. Be thankful
  3. Present my requests to God
And the beautiful promise of God follows: He will grant me peace--a peace that I can't understand, but that pervades my whole being. Peace that tells my heart to slow its frenzy, and my mind to stop racing. Peace that calms my spirit. Peace that frees me from the paralysis of anxiety.

Peace that allows me to throw off the covers and do what needs to be done!

This promise is not mine alone, but yours as well! Don't worry! Thank God for the things (good and bad) that He's given you. Share your worries and requests with God. Then take hold of His promise of peace.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Commentary on the World

Odd things I've noticed lately:
I was driving home from Waco, and noticed a huge semi with the words "Student Driver" on the back. I suppose they have to learn somewhere, but I had never, ever, in my wildest imagination, thought it would be on the roads! Can't they build some huge parking lot or something?

I was in the snack aisle at the grocery store. In the section with all the single-serving sized stuff (small bags of cookies, chips, etc.), there were individually-sized bags of marshmallows! With a big "Fat Free!" label on the front! Yeah, it's fat free, but that's because it's just SUGAR. There's nothing else to it. No fiber, no calcium-fortification, no nothing! Just sugar. I mean, what? You're going to pack a bag of marshmallows in your kid's lunch? It just doesn't seem right.

Okay, those are my two thoughts of the day. Maybe more will come later. :)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A day at Camp

Dear Diary:
I'm at Kitty Kamp this summer. It's been pretty fun so far. We do all kinds of things. Here's a typical day....

8:30--Chow time. My bunkmate Friday plays with my tail while I eat. It's kind of annoying, but I don't let it stop me.

9:30--Nap Time. Well, at least I try, but Friday has P.E. on his schedule, and he always asks me to join in.

10:30--Wrestling. I get my workout every day. My mom and dad will be proud at how in shape I'm getting! Don't worry, the camp counselors never let anything go too far, and I'm so much better at this than Friday, anyway.
11:30--Bird Watching. I really like this part of the day. It's so peaceful to watch the birds....

....until Friday comes along! I can't help it that I get excited and flip my tail all around! Evidently he can't help it that he likes to play with it.

1:30--Naptime. Finally! I'm in my basket....

...and Friday's on the tile in the entryway.

2:30--Naptime still. I'm in my basket....

....Friday's moved to the bathroom tile.

3:30--Working on a really good nap. I'm in my basket...and Friday is stealing my bed. I don't mind so much, as long as he doesn't get in my basket. If he tries that, I bop him on the nose.

4:30--Still naptime! And yes, I'm still in my basket....
....and Friday's in the bathroom again. I think that boy sleepwalks.

5:30--Rest time. It's not officially napping, but we like to hang out under the table.

Sometime between all the naps, we go to classes. Here, Friday and I are in Death Ray class, in preparation for taking over the world. We're both getting pretty good. Soon I'll try out my new skills on the next door neighbor's dog.
Okay, the dog was a joke. I really like dogs, actually. Friday doesn't know what a dog is, which turned out to be pretty funny when a stray invaded camp one day. But that's another story.... Needless to say, he has much to learn. I've heard he's staying at camp longer than I am to catch up. I try to help him as much as I can, but he gets so distracted by feathers and jingle balls....

Well, I guess that's about a typical day. It's fun here--we get lots of treats and brushings. Baths, I found out, are not so fun, but they don't happen often. Sometimes I get homesick. Friday's okay, but I feel like I could squish him. I could never squish my friend Gracie the Dog. And I miss my parents, but they say hi to me on the computer every once in awhile, and I know they're having a lot of fun and getting a lot accomplished. It's pretty cool that my parents are world travellers. I hope they bring me back a good souvenir. Maybe some of those sardines would be nice....

Good night, Diary! I'm off to nap again, and dream of being Superman!

Happy Birthday Friday!!

Today is Friday's first birthday!! How do I know this? Well, I don't for sure. But the vet's office estimated 7/11/05 as Friday's birthday. What is interesting about that, is that I actually remember 7/11/05. In the Summer of No Jobs, the days pretty much blended together, but Leanna had told us that since we were in Ft. Worth, we should go to the 7/11 and get a Slurpee on 07/11, so we did!

So, perhaps, while Jon was enjoying his Darth Vader Slurpee, and I my watermelon-pineapple, little Friday was being born!

I thought about putting pictures of Friday up here, sort of a chronology of events, but you've probably seen them all in some form or another in other posts. So instead, for those of you who don't know, I thought I'd tell you where kittens come from.....

That's right...Pier 1!

Happy Birthday little kitty-o-mine!!!