Sunday, January 10, 2010

Packing has commenced!

It's Sunday night. We have 5 boxes packed and stacked in our living room. I know. It's amazing. We've actually started packing! Yesterday we made a list of what we would pack each day (procrastinators are great gives us more time). We're already behind, but you know...that's okay! It'll all get done by Thursday evening, when our friends are coming to help us load up.

We're also working on eating up all our food in the fridge and freezer. We've planned out meals that should take care of most everything but the condiments. Two people have graciously offered to watch Caleb on two different days. Aunt Karen will watch him tomorrow, so that will be the day we pack up the china and load up the kitchen.

And I almost forgot: we've picked up the drugs for the cats so they can take the trip to Arkansas without hyperventilating. Really. Clyde does not do cars very well. I'm not really looking forward to seeing them drunk, but hopefully it'll do the trick and then get out of their system quickly!

It's all coming together, and I've heard reports that all the updates to the new house are beautiful. Can't wait to show you pictures!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Movin' to Arkansas

So a bit back I wrote on here that we were going to check out a church in Arkansas. We had a great time, and a few weeks later we went back in view of a call. Jon was voted in and we're headed to Arkansas, so I figure I better back up and let you know some details!

The church is an FBC of a very small town. Very. Small. Town. Population 800 or so. Thankfully, it's near a larger town with a population of about 20,000. This is mighty small for us coming from Fort Worth. I grew up in small towns, but Jon has never lived anywhere smaller than Waco. Our first visit was really to assure us that Jon could live in such a small town. As we drove through the town, checked out the school, walked through the church, and listened to the crickets in the evening, I kept asking, "Jon, is this okay? Does this feel too small?" And each time he replied, "No, this is good. I like this." So, while I know it will still take quite an adjustment for both of us, we're also looking forward to the small town and slower pace of things. And healthier eating! I can count at least 10 fast food restaurants within a minute's drive of our current house, and in Arkansas we'll be driving at least 10 minutes to get to any restaurants at all!

The position is youth/education. Jon will be one of two full-time paid staff members. The pastor and his family seem to be really great. They've been at the church for less than a year and are excited about having Jon come on board. Everyone, in fact, seems very excited to have some leadership in the area of youth, especially.

One huge blessing is that the church has a parsonage for us! How rare to have two parsonages, but they do. It's a 1950s home right across the street from the church. At the moment, church members are pitching in to completely revamp it. New paint, new flooring, new cabinets and countertops.... I can't wait!

It will be nice to be so near the church; right now the minister's sons enjoy walking over from their home to practice piano, and I know Caleb and I will enjoy going to the church playground. I can imagine teaching him how to ride a bike on the parking lot (and later how to drive??). I've heard that the town is really good for riding bikes, so I look forward to doing that.

We'll ride to check our mail, visit the library, play at the park, or maybe just to ride! Speaking of mail, we are so close to the Post Office that they won't deliver our mail to us! So we have to set up a PO Box to get our mail.

Living in a small town is going to have its quirks, but I'm going to like it!