Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Home Tour: Guest Bedroom

The final room of the house is perhaps my favorite...but how many rooms have I said that about?

I love our guest bedroom. My grandmother made the quilt, and it so bright and cheery that it makes me smile every time I look in the room. The art on the wall is my own: the tree painting seems to finally have its rightful place on a green wall!

The side table is from my mom (as is the "vintage" lamp). The silver bowls are my other grandmother's. The books are classics from my childhood, and the glass bottles are gathered from different places--some valuable and most not. The bowls of fruit and stacks of books had been put together just right, but Caleb ransacks it every day, and I more often find grapes in his pile of toys than I do in a silver bowl.

On the other side of the room is my sewing area. It is so great to always have my sewing machine out, and to have shelves full of scraps and bobbins.

This area is meant for the guest. Don't be deceived by the snack tray...it's been repurposed as a luggage rack.

And here's a happy guest!