Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Home Tour: Outdoors

The outdoor world we live in!

Our garden and the view of the back neighbor's storage sheds (you can see the corner of our own shed on the left-hand side of the picture)

The great patio. Jon can even grill in the rain, and has a few times! You can see the church across the street. Caleb and I enjoy walking over there to tell everyone hi. You can also see the neighbor's large oak tree.

Jon enjoying a book. This spot has so far gotten a nice breeze, which makes the summer heat more bearable. We moved our old office desk to the back patio to house gardening things. There's also a basket of Caleb's blocks, birdseed, and various pots and things. We enjoy playing on this patio even if it's hot and sunny outside. Or wet and rainy. It gets a lot of use.

The view from the church. You can see our storage building, the shade we get from the neighbor's beautiful oak tree, and our small plum tree that will one day actually produce plums.

Can you find Caleb in this picture?

The front of the house

The garage. It's too narrow to fit both vehicles, but has great storage areas. The bikes are on the wall of a storage closet. Our deep freeze is located right in front of the van. I'm so thankful for covered parking for our van!
This wall of the garage has another storage closet and a water closet, as well as the entrance to the utility room. Because there is no garage door, and the garage faces the church, this entrance is the one everyone uses to come in our house.
Coming up next, the utility room!