Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Today during lunch I watched Mister Rogers with Friday (I'm trying to be a good parent!).

Click here for a trip down memory lane.

Most of you know that I didn't grow up with a TV. What you probably don't know is that my family actually did have a TV when I was very little. John was watching Mister Rogers when it broke. Leave it to my brother to ruin things for me. :) Well, my parents had two little kids and no money, so we didn't get a TV, and then we were all used to no TV, so we never got one until I was in high school, and only then because my grandmother moved in with us and she already had one.

Anyway, though I didn't have a TV at home growing up, I always liked to watch Mister Rogers at my grandparents' house. I mean, with songs like "You Are Special", who couldn't like it? Mister Rogers was just what little kids needed. They didn't know where they fit in the world, he said they were special. They had so many creative things running through their heads, he harnessed it with the trolley into the imaginary neighborhood. They saw different sized, shaped and colored kids, he explained that we were all different and unique. They couldn't express their feelings, he sang a song about being sad or angry and how to deal with those emotions. Mister Rogers spoke slowly, explained anything unclear, and always had a smile.

I feel like the experience today has helped my little kitty, too. He seems much calmer. The ADD of this morning has turned into an afternoon nap. Hopefully he will know that he can be like Henrietta Pussycat and play and learn all day long!

So to end my blog, always remember that you are special, and that you have made my day special. Just by being you. Isn't it a good feeling to be alive?


  1. I don't know. A grown man. Home in the middle of the day. No apparent job. Keeps a lot of puppets and things kids are interested in lying around..... Not sure that I'd let my kids go over to his house to sing songs and spend a day in the land of make believe.

  2. I watched Mr Rogers when I was little. But the best kids show of all time was the muppet babies!