Sunday, October 16, 2005

Baylor Memories

Well, I stole this from Teresa's blog, but I've bolded the things I've done, and italicized the things Jon's done (also changed/added some pictures).

Courtesy of the BU Line Magazine...see how many of these you've done!!
(the ones I have done are in bold)
Change your major at least once.
Get an internship, preferably one that pays at least minimum wage.
• Climb the magnolia trees in front of Draper. (no, but I climbed the oaks by the SUB)
• Participate in Rush, even if you don't plan on joining a fraternity or sorority. It's a great way to meet people.
Play on an intramural team with a cool name like the Thirsty Camels or Game Over.
• Run the Bear Trail in under eighteen minutes. (I think I made it in 20 minutes one time...)
• Study abroad for a semester or a summer.
Go to IHOP at 2 a.m. to study or just to hang out with a bunch of friends.
Participate in a volunteer opportunity like Steppin' Out or Habitat for Humanity.
• Go to Cameron Park and play in the water park, visit the zoo, and gaze out at the river from Lover's Leap.

Go to Sing and Pigskin and compare the two.
• Don't use Diadeloso as an opportunity to study or sleep. Go have fun--get hypnotized, compete in the tug-o-war contest, or get pulled into a mud puddle tussle.

• Schedule a semester where you get a day off every week. OR 2 days off a week is even more awesome, especially while living in NYC.
Celebrate Christmas at Baylor by going to a Chamber Singers concert at Armstrong Browning Library or watching the traditional Christmas tree
lighting during Christmas on Fifth Street.

• Chalk the sidewalk.
• Pick some cotton--see how many T-shirts you can collect from various organizations.
• If any sports team makes it to the Final Four or the NCAA championship, go to the game. Forget about class, papers, or tests--this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Enjoy Waco's favorite beverage by going to the Dr Pepper Museum, getting a float at Dr Pepper Hour, or driving to Dublin for a taste of the original.
• Climb the rock wall at the Student Life Center.
Get your picture taken while sitting on Judge Baylor's lap or with a Baylor icon like the bear mascots or the current Baylor president.

Go to a professor's house for dinner.
• Go to the Church Under the Bridge.
• Learn to sail at the Marina and try not to fall in the river.
• Play hide-and-go-seek in Burleson Quadrangle.
Get covered with food during Freshman Follies.
• Run with the Baylor Line onto the field at a football game. Yell throughout the game, no matter the score. If you can talk the next day, you didn't yell loud enough.
• Pull an all-nighter in the library during finals. (Not in the library, and I never hid in the art department, either, but I did stay up working on art projects)
Tailgate before a game either in the Ferrell Center parking lot or at Floyd Casey Stadium's Touchdown Alley.
• Read a poem by Robert or Elizabeth Barrett Browning while sitting in the Armstrong Browning Library's Foyer of Meditation.
• Learn to two-step at one of Waco's country dance halls, or travel up I-35 to West for some authentic Czech food and fun.
• Check out some legendary Waco-area sites--the concrete gorilla on Austin Avenue, the "giant mailbox," the entrance to President Bush's ranch, the witch's grave, or the Branch Davidian compound.

(what, that's not the right gorilla??)

• Wander around Oakwood Cemetery and look for the graves of the Baylor presidents and Texas governors who are buried there.
Find out how many times you can drive around the Circle and survive.
• Take a tour of Waco's historic homes.
Get a caffeine buzz at Common Grounds.
• Have no absences from class for a whole semester.
Steal a kiss on the Suspension Bridge.
• Attend a Baylor play, choir concert, or symphony performance.
• Pull pranks on people in the dorms--pour a bucket of cold water on a friend while she's taking a shower or put Saran Wrap over the toilet seats.
• Play a lively game of Frisbee in your dorm whenever there's a power failure.
• Write a letter to the editor of the Lariat about the latest campus controversy.
Drive to Independence to visit Baylor's original campus.
• Have a picnic at dawn on the field by the Marina. Applaud when the sun comes up and then go to class exhausted but exhilarated.
• Go to one of Waco's great old restaurants: have a late-night Healthburger and milkshake at Health Camp, enjoy a chicken fried steak and a beverage of your choosing at George's, eat a gut-pak at Vitek's, pick up some old-style barbecue at Jasper's, have a huge early-morning breakfast at Kim's, grab a double lip locker and some oriental fries at Kitok's, get a take-out burger from Cupp's and let the grease soak through the bag. (Thanks John!)
Help freshmen move into Collins Hall and enjoy a father's appreciative sigh of relief that you are the one carrying all of the stuff up the stairs. (Jon helped at Penland)
• Go to UnRush and try to figure out which of your friends is a NoZe brother.
Play a round of Frisbee golf or campus golf with a tennis ball and golf club.
• Participate in Jell-O fights on Fountain Mall during finals.
Stop and read the plaques on the memorial lampposts dedicated to Baylor alumni who died serving their country.
• Buy an official class ring and receive it from Baylor's president at the ring ceremony.
• Watch Chamber members clean the Bear Pit.
• Participate in Homecoming by helping build the bonfire, guarding the flame, stealing the flame, walking in or riding a float in the parade, or going to Freshman Mass Meeting.
• Be a Min-Con leader, big sister or brother, or mentor to a freshman.
• Jump in or run through a campus fountain. (I slid down the fountain on a cafeteria tray!)
Play in the snow on the one day of the year (maybe) that it snows, and make a snowman with what little flurries accumulate.

• Study for exams in an unusual place, like a hospital cafeteria
Sit on one of the campus swings with someone and don't talk--it ruins the moment.
• Take as many random road trips as possible to nowhere in particular.
Fall in Love.

• Learn more than you ever thought possible.
• Find a group of best friends that you will keep for the rest of your life.

Thanks, everyone, for helping make these memories possible! We are so blessed to have friends. :)


  1. Only out a year and already! All great memories get even better over time; you'll never forget your college days.

  2. I like best how Jon is all puffy and out of breath in that picture but I'm all buff!!!!!

  3. Yay for friends and fun memories! And Yay for snow too! :)

  4. Lydia, your mother gave me your address for your blog and so I came here and read your very witty words...She's right when she says you'll never forget your college days. I spent 4 of the many wonderful years of my life at SFA--two of those with your mom as my roommate! And now many years later I still look back and remember the fun that we had. Always hold tight to those memories but remember that you have a lot more to make in the years to come.