Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A day at Camp

Dear Diary:
I'm at Kitty Kamp this summer. It's been pretty fun so far. We do all kinds of things. Here's a typical day....

8:30--Chow time. My bunkmate Friday plays with my tail while I eat. It's kind of annoying, but I don't let it stop me.

9:30--Nap Time. Well, at least I try, but Friday has P.E. on his schedule, and he always asks me to join in.

10:30--Wrestling. I get my workout every day. My mom and dad will be proud at how in shape I'm getting! Don't worry, the camp counselors never let anything go too far, and I'm so much better at this than Friday, anyway.
11:30--Bird Watching. I really like this part of the day. It's so peaceful to watch the birds....

....until Friday comes along! I can't help it that I get excited and flip my tail all around! Evidently he can't help it that he likes to play with it.

1:30--Naptime. Finally! I'm in my basket....

...and Friday's on the tile in the entryway.

2:30--Naptime still. I'm in my basket....

....Friday's moved to the bathroom tile.

3:30--Working on a really good nap. I'm in my basket...and Friday is stealing my bed. I don't mind so much, as long as he doesn't get in my basket. If he tries that, I bop him on the nose.

4:30--Still naptime! And yes, I'm still in my basket....
....and Friday's in the bathroom again. I think that boy sleepwalks.

5:30--Rest time. It's not officially napping, but we like to hang out under the table.

Sometime between all the naps, we go to classes. Here, Friday and I are in Death Ray class, in preparation for taking over the world. We're both getting pretty good. Soon I'll try out my new skills on the next door neighbor's dog.
Okay, the dog was a joke. I really like dogs, actually. Friday doesn't know what a dog is, which turned out to be pretty funny when a stray invaded camp one day. But that's another story.... Needless to say, he has much to learn. I've heard he's staying at camp longer than I am to catch up. I try to help him as much as I can, but he gets so distracted by feathers and jingle balls....

Well, I guess that's about a typical day. It's fun here--we get lots of treats and brushings. Baths, I found out, are not so fun, but they don't happen often. Sometimes I get homesick. Friday's okay, but I feel like I could squish him. I could never squish my friend Gracie the Dog. And I miss my parents, but they say hi to me on the computer every once in awhile, and I know they're having a lot of fun and getting a lot accomplished. It's pretty cool that my parents are world travellers. I hope they bring me back a good souvenir. Maybe some of those sardines would be nice....

Good night, Diary! I'm off to nap again, and dream of being Superman!


  1. Awwww Yay! That makes me happy to see what my sweet kitty is doing all day! What a great camp counselor he must have! She is a awesome photographer too, catching the inner cat thoughts. :) I'm so shocked...he spends most of his time napping. Who would've thought! I have a surprise for the camp counselor..... :) hehe

  2. Why is it that I am suddenly woozy and feel the urge to buy Greenies and jingle balls? Oh no, not the Feline Death Ray! Arrrrrrrgh! My eyes!

  3. (OK, here's my real comment.) This post was worth waiting for! Even though I got a sneak peak over a WEEK ago and knew about it a week before that.

    Those kitties are too cute! I wish Muffin was more photogenic. She just tries to lovingly attack the hand that holds the camera because she thinks it's a treat.

  4. Buddy is SO photogenic! Cliff told me that Buddy would be good for that--that he'll just lay there and let you take pictures. And he does! I've got lots of close-up pictures of him watching the birds.

    Greenies and jingle balls made me laugh. Wouldn't that just be exactly how cats would take over the world?! They forget their dignity over kitty treats and toys; it would figure that that's how they'd do us in, too! Haha!

  5. I sense the plot of a summer blockbuster coming on. Attack of the Tabbies! Or Kitty Kamp Krusades!

    (Of course, there's that Cats and Dogs movie we talked about where they take over the world. Darn! The idea has been taken. We coulda made millions with Buddy and Friday, our leading stars!)

  6. Lydia, you should write children's books or something. That was so funny. I love reading your cat blogs. Miss you!

  7. That is hilarious! Death Ray class made me laugh out loud in the middle of the coffee shop.

  8. Hey Lyd, you COULD write a series of children's books with Friday as the main character. You know how kids' books always teach you something... like alphabet, numbers, etc. Yours could teach about the days of the week, with FRIDAY being the best day, of course!

    Muffin met a cat yesterday on our walk. I sensed a little Death Ray going on, but then the cat bonked Muffin on the nose (obviously a Kitty Kamp graduate). Muffin looked back at me and whimpered as if I should've saved her or something. She had been so eager to meet this cat, but then she quickly commenced walking.

    I wanted to do a similar blog with "Muffin and Friends," because we have to go visit them on our walks around the neighborhood. But I bet people would think I was weird by walking up to their fence and taking a picture of their dog(s). Hmmm...