Monday, November 20, 2006

The new table and chairs

I've posted before about choosing chairs for my table, which I did decide on some. Then I painted my table, and now I have a brand new dining room! It didn't turn out like what was in my head, but that's what I get for thinking a $10 can of paint would do miracles. :)

Here is the new table:
I was hoping the black chairs and green paint would lend a contemporary feel to the room, but the "bones" of the table were just too traditional to pull it off. With the green paint, it looks very antique, when I was hoping for modern. So my "antique" table paired with the chairs is a more shabby-chic feel, which I suppose is fine, too. It didn't take long to paint, so I can always pick another color some other time.

And here is the centerpiece I put together for it:

And Friday's reaction to the table:

I don't think he likes change. :)


  1. I like the look! Did you do the distressed look to the table or just paint it?

  2. Just painted it. I was going for the contemporary look, which wouldn't be distressed. I figure everyday life will give it the distressed look pretty soon.

  3. Friday might help with the distressed look too, is he gnawing on your table? Will he get paint poisoning?

    The green seems lighter than I expected. Or maybe I thought it would have more gray in it. I don't remember the swatch we looked at... plus it's amazing how different it looks on a tiny square compared to a whole wall or a whole table!

    I like it. The beige cushions kinda throw me off, but I really like the green and black combo.

  4. Maybe you could stencil the cushions with the green? hmm

    I'm sure someone from HGTV would know what to do about that. :)

    I like the green table very much, and your centerpiece looks like something out of RealSimple magazine.

    Congratulations on a great job!

  5. The cushions are an ivory color, and I was planning on getting placemats or something in the same color. I think that would pull it together better, with no need to alter the cushions.

  6. I have the ivory placemats and table runner from Grandma and Grandpa, so I'll try those out. That would be gorgeous for Christmas. :)

  7. Now, if you are like me, the trick is keeping the table cleared off so you can see its lovely new finish!

  8. Yay! Green for Christmas!

    Actually, I bet that color would accessorize well for any season!

  9. I love it. I think it looks great.

    And Lyd, you might just have to come to grips, that with a flower couch, red windows, multi-colored plates and a love of roosters, you MAY just be shabby chic!

    Can't wait to sit around it with you and your fam!

  10. Hahaha! Very good point! Sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees, right? :)

  11. I bet you don't even look this far down for comments any more...but I like the table. I was impressed before I found out that you weren't happy with it!

    Take comfort in the fact that you will be more critical of this project than anyone else. Only you know all the ways it is different from what you had pictured.

  12. I think everything you do is creative and terrific! Great look!

  13. Kitties are not good for deciding whether a table is good or not. They only like the yum yums on the table that they can steal. If you had put some of those on there, then it wouldn't be a problem.