Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My cutie kitty

Today is a blah day, as Karen said on her blog. Well, few things cure the blah day blues like kitties! So, just in case you don't have one of your own, I'm sharing mine:

Of course, there's always one thing that's guaranteed to make me laugh. Jon doesn't understand, but it cracks me up. Here it is:

And in case you missed that last one, or wanted to see the poor guy getting chewed out (Long Johnson, maybe?):

"Why, I eyes ya."

Hahahaha! *Sniff...Sigh.... Ah, I feel better already. :) Hope you do, too!


  1. Yay! The return of the kitty video!

  2. Haaaahaaa...yep, that helped. Thanks Lyd! Thanks Friday! Thanks random talking cats.

  3. I am definitely LOL!! You're right, kitties lighten up the day.

    Our back neighbor's cat has adopted us. We don't feed it or give it water or let it in our house. But the minute we come home, he comes up to the deck for his daily rubdown. He doesn't "say" a word, purrs quietly, but insists on a thorough rub down (yes, even his belly) before leaving again. hahah lowers the blood pressure to pet a kitty!

  4. Love the middle picture!

  5. Why I eyes ya. I'm crying. Tears rolling, my stomach hurts. I love it!

  6. @Momma: Leave it to a cat to know where the cat-lovers reside! I'm glad you have a neighbor kitty to come take care of you when you need to give some petting.

    @Teresa: I love it, too! I've never gotten a good picture of the way he peers over the top, waiting for us to play with him. I was sad this one came out unfocused, but it's still better than the others.

    These pics were taken with the fun camera from Mawmaw's wedding. I really want one!