Thursday, November 01, 2007

Left Out

Yesterday, I was with my church group at the Fall Festival. The guys were manning the bean bag toss, leaving the womenfolk to pass out candy. I realized very quickly that I was the ONLY girl there not pregnant. Out of SIX girls. So, since my costume wasn't that great (I came as a college student: jeans, freshman t-shirt and flip flops), I quickly stuffed my jacket under my shirt, and managed a pretty convincing baby bump--convincing enough that I had the pastor looking at me and whispering to his wife to come over and ask me. He finally figured it out and thought it was pretty funny. And all the trick-or-treater parents got to figure it out, too. "One of these things is not like the others...."

Today, I tried out a new place for lunch: Juanes Taqueria. Very Mexican. Everything was in Spanish and I was the only gringo in there (or would I be a gringa?). I wasn't about to order the "gringo tacos" so I stuck to real tacos (I suppose), which were meat, cilantro and onions. I like cilantro a lot.

Also today, I headed to the store only to realize I'd forgotten my grocery list. I'd put it in my pocket, but then promptly changed pants before leaving the house.

Okay, the last incident isn't the same "left out" as the first two, but I was running out of incidents.

[EDIT] Aha! I did have another one! I was making baked potato soup after my grocery run, and I left out the crock pot liner. I really like crock pot liners. They make crock pot cleaning so much easier. Unless, of course, you forget to use them.


  1. Oh no! You made baked potato soup too?? I was going to bring you some. It made a TON!

    And you pretended to be pregnant to fit in? Now, wouldn't that qualify under the statement, "If they all jumped off a bridge, would you too?" -- Wow, Lyd, wow...(shanking head)

  2. @Leanna: Ha! We both made it! I bet yours is better; I think I added too many onions. That said, would you like potato soup for lunch tomorrow? Or the offer of tomato and grilled cheese still stands. :)

    And no, there is a huge difference between stuffing my jacket in my shirt for the sake of a laugh and actually BEING pregnant. I've not jumped off that bridge yet!

  3. Poor Lydia! We're the only two who aren't preggo from the last SS camping trip. So you're not alone in that instance. :)

  4. To clarify Margie's statement...our Sunday school class camping trip is NOT a breeding event! It just happens that most of the ladies now pregnant were at the last trip.