Friday, February 15, 2008

Stepping into the Water

This year, Jon and I are reading through the Bible with Holly. We're made it to the book of Joshua so far. The Israelites' story is one of faith and disobedience. It can be pretty frustrating to read, actually. But sometimes, their faith is awe-inspiring. Take their walk through the Jordan river, for example. They're all lined up, ready to go. The Levites are in the front, carrying the ark of the covenant. They're at the edge of the river, and the water at its peak due to the flood season. It seems crazy, but God told them to walk to the other side, so the first in line step into the water. That's what they're called to do, and they have to rely on God to do the rest. And he does! At that first step, the waters part for the Israelites to cross over.

That's a little the way I feel right now. Jon and I feel that God has called us to church planting. And not just us, but a team of us. Who will be on our team? We don't know. But we feel that's the way God is leading, so we decided to step into the water. We shared a little of our vision with our Sunday School class, and invited anyone interested to join us for coffee tomorrow night to discuss it further. We have 6 couples who expressed interest! What confirmation! The waters are parting....

I'm sure that each step in this process will be a step of faith, and I pray that God continues to part the waters. Please pray with and for us as we begin this journey. And I'll keep you posted!


  1. Lydia, I am proud of the faith you and Jon are displaying on this unforeseen journey. Here's to great adventures and waterproof shoes!

  2. Amen, Leanna!

    We are praying God will show you how to take the next step...

  3. Step by step, that's how this journey thing works. Usually we only know the next step without any idea of what the future really holds, but we know that God is faithful!