Friday, May 02, 2008

Kitten pics!

Okay, we made it back from the vet! We played with four of the cutest and healthiest little kittens and their mama! I mean, these kittens were just balls of fluff, two weeks younger than Smith & Wesson, and probably weighing twice as much. You couldn't find a bone on them. Mama's milk has been good to them! And on top of that, they were so lively and cute. They had just had a nap and were wired for playing. Balls, string, boxes, each other....everything was fair game.

There are three females and one male. We picked out the male and one of the females, but someone else actually has first dibs, and she's picking two as well. So we'll get the two kittens that she doesn't pick. If she's not picky, the vet techs said they'd let her know our preference.

So yes, we're getting kittens!!

We're going to Boston for a conference mid-May, and they're going to hold the kittens for us free of charge until we get back. Or, we can pick them up earlier and take them back for the week we'll be gone, but that seems like a lot of change for the little guys to go through. Plus, this gives us a chance to get our house kitten-proofed and load up on toys, because these are some toy-lovin' kittens!

I don't think I got pics of all of them (well, I did, but they were so active a lot of the shots came out as blurs), but they all look basically alike. The boy has more orange on his face than the others, and one of the girls has an almost solid black back. So now, without further ado, the kitties!

And here is the mama so you can see how beautiful they will grow up to be.


  1. aww, they DO remind me of Lucky! how cute and cuddly they look! tabbies are great cats; remember how vocal Lucky was?

  2. Too cute! What conference are you going to in May? For work? Church planting? Other? Also, I love how they all secretly love me already--they have a clear letter "M" across their foreheads. Yup, the mark of Margie!

  3. Aww! The mama looks like my Tigger. :)