Thursday, July 10, 2008

Still crazy kittens...just bigger!

Today I came home from an impromptu lunch with Holly (aka Sunshine in the blogging world) with many things in my hands: keys, drink, purse, etc. I made it in the door, but couldn't take my sunglasses off. So, I slowly made my way in the dark to the table, so I could set my drink down and free a hand. Drink down, I pulled my shades off, only to find before me two cats watching with disinterest at the blind lady in their home. They must have thought I was blind, because they were sharing a placemat on the table for a little catnap. Sheesh! Not even a bit of fear that they might be caught! Granted, they usually aren't able to get up to the table because we keep chairs pushed in tight and they're too small to jump all the way up, yet. So they usually don't get on the table to even get punished, which is probably why they didn't think they would be today when they found my chair at just the right spot for them to make it to the table. What a surprise for them when they both got a good squirt from the water bottle!

Anyway, that was just my adventure for today. Every day is entertaining with these two! They certainly live up to their names! Here is a pic of my hoodlums that I took today. Taking pics of one cat is hard enough, but I don't think I'll ever get both of these guys in focus in the same shot! I'm surprised they're even both looking at the camera!

Bonnie (l), Clyde (r)


  1. Just wait until you have more than one kid and you're trying to get smiles out of them at the same time (much less look at the camera) - oh wait, you probably already deal with that :) (the kittens are very cute, though!)

  2. Kittens! Thank you! I tried to get Sarah to come over yesterday to say hi to them...but she said not so nice things about cats. So I figured, not a good idea! =) More for us, right?

  3. Cute Cute! They look a little mischievious even in this picture... :)

  4. Cute pic! I found "our" cat on the dining room table, then on my desk, then on the kitchen counter, then on the couch, etc...

    Enjoy those cuties!

  5. We've just started letting our 3 1/2 month old kitten roam free in the house at night instead of being locked in the laundry room. It's a new adventure every day to get up and see what sort of mess he's made overnight. It's usually some sort of shredded paper, but he LOVES fake flowers, too. The little stinker... he's lucky he's so cute!