Sunday, April 26, 2009

Selfie Tag

I took this picture as soon as I read KarenN's post. It just took me a week to get it on the blog! Though it was a Saturday--which normally means no makeup, let my hair do what it wants, and grubby clothes--I was in luck that we had been to our church's marriage conference that day, so I actually looked decent!

I tag:
Anyone else who wants to play along

The rules: Take a picture of yourself at this very primping allowed...stay true to the game!!


  1. Ha! I knew it! Except that now I'm at the church office and the lighting here is horrible, so last night's post-shower pic might've been better. :-)

    To catch everyone else up, John told me last night after I got out of the shower that I couldn't check Lydia's blog. Of course, I'm anxious as to what she's posted about... are they pregnant? Did Jon get a job? John said, no, but you'll thank me if you wait until tomorrow. I had seen this tag floating around, so I guessed that was it!

  2. John helped you cheat! :) Based on Leanna's post, I don't think she'll like that! So you just enjoy that horrible lighting and post it up! :)

  3. Well, it's not like my picture is any good! Last night's pic probably would've been better!

  4. Are they pregnant! Ha! Are you trying to kill Lydia! =) You people make me laugh!

    Lyd! You're hair is long! Yea! for the return of long hair!

  5. Hey, people have babies pretty close together sometimes! Caleb's sibling would be about 16-17 months younger, and that's not unheard of!

    But, yes, it would be extremely difficult on her body to be pregnant, nursing, working full time, etc. I certainly wouldn't wish it on the Norvells, but I would be excited for them all the same!

  6. If I got pregnant right now, I'd quit! There's no way I could do it all!

    @Lea: Long is a relative term, but it's getting there! I think I may keep it about this length for awhile. At least until the hair-pulling stage is over.

  7. Ok so that doorknob kinda looks like a funny little bun of hair on your head.

  8. I can't pull this game off, but your hair do is very fun! Do you think if I went jogging with a hair do like this someone might think I was a Who from Who-ville? :)

  9. HA HA-it's your door knob. I thought you had a little pony tail, I'm not very were probably thinking, "What's wrong with my hair?" I'm having a Margie moment...