Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's all cool

I'm loving my new deep freeze. We bought it on Craig's list for $50. When it came to us, it was black (someone had painted over the original white), it was dirty, and it was very very stinky.

So, I took the water hose to it and washed it three times with as many disinfecting products as I could. I also scrubbed off as much black paint as I could; some of it just peeled right up. Then onto painting it white again. I used Rustoleum Appliance Paint, and it took me almost 4 cans, 2 per coat (an additional $20). It was easy to apply, and the result is great! And I'm really enjoying all the room we have!
Caleb had mostly moved on to table food by the time we got the freezer in, but it would have been so nice with his frozen baby food that I made. Even now, I make up batches of cooked chicken and veggies and freeze those laid out flat. Once they're frozen, I break up the pieces and store them in a Ziploc, and I know I have a healthy meal on hand any time Jon and I are eating pizza or Chinese or something else that's hard to give to a baby.

Tonight I made up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough and froze the preformed cookies on a cookie sheet. When they're frozen, I'll put them in a Ziploc and we'll have a sweet snack ready in no time! I prefer the cookie dough just as it is, but Jon might pull out a couple and bake them.

How much fun to have freezer room!


  1. That's being a Proverbs 31 woman and seeing to the affairs of her household, for sure! You are so blessed to have the freezer, and I am sure you'll get many years of use from it.

  2. So that looks like cookie dough on the top shelf, corn and stuff on the second shelf, and what is that on the third shelf??


  3. Better Homes & Gardens has a great article this month on freezing soups and other meals. I think I might try to utilize my freezer more with soups this fall. Any good recipes? Also and most importantly, I would like a cookie please? :)

  4. Cliff will get over his fear of breastmilk when he has a kid. :-)

    If our free fridge hadn't leaked brown water, it would've made a nice fixer upper, too. I probably could've looked into maintenance on it... nah!

    I have a good soup recipe that freezes well, but I'll have to hunt down the recipe.

  5. I was going to mention this month's Better Homes and Gardens, too! It also has an article on keeping your freezer made me want to go buy one just so that I could use some of their strategies!

    Way to be an awesome homemaker!

  6. @Watson - same article! :) I think we could all use our freezers better, whether with our fridge or without. Mine is barren except two bags of flour and some frozen veggies when this could be a great place for "I don't feel like cooking tonight" or "Hubby's sick" food to have on hand. Excellent!