Friday, March 19, 2010


Things I love about where I live:
  • Large, Beautiful house
  • A great backyard for our family to enjoy
  • Close enough (as in, right across the street) to Jon's office that Caleb and I can go over any time we miss him
  • Jon comes home for lunch every day
  • Our truck has left our driveway only a handful of times
  • We got our drivers licenses and our license plates the day we applied for them
  • The license plates numbers are still stamped on, instead of just printed
  • Trees, and lots of them!
  • A nice park within biking distance
  • Friendly people
  • The fire station is just as close (two blocks away) as in Texas, yet I never hear sirens
  • The only gunfire I hear is during hunting season
  • The neighbor's huge oak tree gives us morning shade
  • The neighbor's little dog, Chip, gives Caleb constant delight
  • A carport that fits our van
  • People stopping by to chit chat when we're outside

Things I'm still adjusting to:
  • Wood floors that don't hide all the dirt we accumulate in a day
  • No Wedgwood Sunday School class
  • 10 hours away from my brother
  • 5 hours away from grandparents
  • Limited shopping choices
  • No cell reception in the house
  • Limited childbirth options
  • An hour from a major road
  • Hot water heater that doesn't keep water quite hot enough
  • Refrigerator that doesn't keep food quite cold enough
  • A postal system and area code that's got me confused about my own address
  • TONS of junk in people's yards


  1. Yeah, I thought I would really like wood floors too. But with dog and hubby going in and out so much, it is quite the challenge. Shows quite a bit, and requires A LOT of cleaning. But at least it's not as hard to clean as carpet would be.

    p.s. - I miss you.

  2. Looks like the things you love list is longer. That is promising! I saw an article about El Dorado in Southern Living. It talked about what a nice "main street" town it is. It looked pretty. I have a friend who has a steam mop for her wood floors and really likes it.

  3. When I lived in my grandmother's house in college I loved the hard wood floors. We just used a little Swiffer and it did just the trick. It is good to see your love list is long but being away from family is a big adjustment. Hope the trip in May works - we can't wait to see your home.