Thursday, June 30, 2005

Being Generous to Your Mate

Jon suggested this for a blog topic because I just said he could buy a new computer. Now, before anyone who knows our financial situation gasps in surprise, Jon had gotten a bonus at the end of the year, and it pretty much covers the cost of the computer. The bonus is his, and I'm glad he's spending it on something he wants and will enjoy, because he usually ends up spending it on something we need.

So being generous to your know, this really is a good topic, because there's nothing like getting married (or being in a serious relationship) to show you how selfish you really are. I guess all through life we have been taught and raised to be independent. Sharing an apartment with roommates took unselfishness, but you could just head out the door and say you were busy. (Not that I ever did that...)

A relationship is very give and take. It's an amazing thing when I find myself--a pretty selfish person--doing something for Jon because I know he needs it, or it would make his day. Sometimes it's cleaning the house before he gets home, or taking care of him when he's horribly sick. Or sometimes it's doing the dishes--something he has come to never expect me to do. :)

Now, of course, I still have my selfish moments, and they probably outnumber the unselfish ones. But it becomes easier to understand the sacrifice Christ made for his bride, and the sacrifices we should make for others (and for Christ).

Jon is very unselfish. I find myself telling others everything he does around the house, and they always ask, "Exactly what do YOU do??" So it's no generosity on my part to "let him" get a computer. He absolutely deserves it.


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  2. I know what you mean by saying Jon ususally uses his money on stuff for yall because Cliff ususally does that with his money. His generosity with that amazes me! With my graduation presents, everyone said, now don't use this on bills, use it on you...but I felt bad doing that. I am glad I was able to get the furniture with it because that is something we needed, not just a shopping spree, which would have been so fun! And it is funny how being married brings out the bad characteristics. Like me getting madder at Cliff than I can get at anyone, or being stubborn, but I also realize that is just because I love him and am so confident in his love that I know that he will still love me whatever I do and I feel that confortable with him. However the flip side to that is to not take that love for granted. I am glad Jon got a new computer and I know he will enjoy it! :) And thank you for my encouraging comment on my blog. You are great! And we will be friends 4 ever! :) Love ya!

  3. I'm glad you've learned to be generous. You will be called upon many times in the future to exercise that gift toward others.