Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Blog Number One!

So this is blogging, eh? Well, I will tell everyone about it, so if someone gets reeeaaaaally bored, they can read it!

Hello to everyone who I sent this to who is now reading this!!

So what to write in this wonderful forum where ideas are heard, innovations are born, and my brain wanderings are posted... Well, I'll write updates of things going on in my life (and Jon's, since our lives are inextricably and wonderfully linked) and things going on in my brain.

Such as my idea for a way to never lose things in the house. I am always losing stuff in my house. Now, if you've seen the place, you know it isn't that big! Since we haven't been here long, I haven't developed a pattern of where I put my purse when I walk in the door, although I lost my purse in the apt. too. Anyway, no need to discuss WHY I've come up with the idea. On to the idea:

When something enters the house for the first time, it is scanned into a database. The database can be sorted alphabetically, by the room where it should be, by size, by color, by anything that would help me find it. Then, when I lose something, I simply click on it in the database, which sends out a signal to find my lost item. The lost item has a homing beacon and ...well, I don't understand all the science of it, but what will happen is that the item starts beeping!! You know, like those things you put on your keychain for when you've lost them. But EVERYTHING in the HOUSE beeps!

Where is my purse? *BEEP* Oh! In the kitchen!

Where is my other flip-flop? *BEEP* There it is under my computer desk!

Where is the cereal? *BEEP* In the refrigerator! Now I remember!

See? The possibilities are endless! And oh, so practical!

Does anyone else have any great invention ideas?? (And remember, the fun part of the blog is the conversation that comes from all the comments. Please add your comments!)


  1. Hmmm, cereal in the fridge? Now that's just silly! What we really need in this aweful Texas heat is a sensor to start up your air conditioning when you're about a block away. Cause you know you don't want to have it on all day, cause you'll be spending more on air than yourself! =) So, that my friend, is my idea!

  2. That's a good innovation! While we're at it, our computer might as well turn on (or wake up) and open our mail program, because that's the first thing I do when I get home!

  3. Let me preface my comment by saying that I HATE shaving! It absolutely stinks!

    So, I've often wondered if a device could be built that did the work of shaving by using some sort of cool-burning fluid to burn off the troublesome hair. It would, of course, need some sort of sensor to prevent it from also burning half of your face off (or legs for the ladies). But, not nasty blades scraping my skin sounds so nice!

  4. So do you dunk your head in this burning liquid? Watch out or you'll be bald! Or paint it on, so you can keep your goatee?? It has to be fairly gooey, so no drips de-hairing your chest! :)

  5. Well, my dears, the mystery sirum Jon is looking for is calle Nare! or Veet or any others of those scary shaveless concoctions! But, I DON'T think I want to put that on my face, let alone my legs.

  6. Well I think they should find the gene that grows hair on certain places such as the face for men and legs for women, and remove it. Then we would have need for neither the "nasty blades" or "gooey burning liquid"!

  7. Yeah, I did the whole Nair thing one time. It was scary. I was young and always had bruises and cuts on my legs, so it didn't feel so good. Then a bit before the wedding I thought I would try it again. If it worked, i would do it again right before. Well, it was wintertime, and I didn't know it, but my skin was all dry and cracked. It stung so bad!! I was in the shower running cold water all over my legs. I couldn't wear pants comfortably for a long time! Thankfully it healed before the wedding!

  8. Teresa,
    The thing about the gene for hair is that men like to change their minds (ha! here's something women are solid about that men waver on!!).
    I mean, Cliff's going to shave his goatee for the 4th, right? But after that, he'll want to grow it back probably.

    On the other hand, we women--the stable and unchangeable sex that we are--would have that whole gene thing done in a hearbeat!

    On the OTHER hand (ever see Fiddler on the Roof? This is his favorite phrase.) when would this gene removal take place? Before birth? So we'll have a bunch of naked-legged little toddlers? Not that leg hair serves any purpose in the formational stages of life...and it does look kind of gross as girls get older.

    Ah ha! I just figured it out! This is why aliens are so smooth! They've figured out how to remove the hair gene!

  9. Yes, but aliens have green skin. They probably use that burning/cooling hair removal goo and the greenness is an unfortunate side effect.