Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Morning Musings

The mockingbird has decided to grace us with his presence the past two mornings. I like him because it's like having dozens of different songbirds. It's nice to hear him in the mornings. But he just likes to sing; he doesn't eat anything from the feeder. And the he leaves mid-morning. I hope he comes back tomorrow.

Every fall there is a Hot Pepper Festival in my hometown of Palestine. Last year my parents complained that all the salsas in the salsa contest were pretty boring, and nothing as good as what we make at home. That has inspired me to try to improve on the recipe we have, and enter into this fall's contest! Leanna and I, two salsa officianados, will be getting together this summer for a salsa fest of our own, seeing what we can come up with in the kitchen. If anyone has any suggestions, post them here and we'll include them in our salsa experiments this summer. :) And if you just know what you like in salsa (taste, texture, temperature, etc.), let us know here so we can keep those in mind as well.


  1. well I guess not very many of us are that knowledgable about salsa. so i suggest you come to waco and we will go to cheddar's and have salsa since their's got very high ratings at the waco salsa festival. :)

    and i like mockingbirds too. they are very pretty and i like that they are smart enough to imitage the other birds. and it is our state bird! :)

  2. Well, it does seem that though most enjoy, they do not try to decode the mysteries of a good salsa.
    And Teresa! It saddens me that an "american" not even a tex-mex chain has "highly rated" salsa! I much perfer the salsa at La Fiesta or Ninfa's or what's that place on Waco Drive? George's or something that sells the tortillas, chips and salsa!!! Mmmmmmm!

  3. Lydia, I've always been a fan of the straight salsas- nothing fancy is required. HOWEVER, I'm also a big fan of weird salsas - like appricot salsa, or prickly pear, or pear salsa, or... So, throw something fruity in there and see how that turns out.

    Re: mockingbirds, you might check out Derek Webb's new album entitled, "Mockingbird." If nothing else check out the title track, as it is an interesting alibi for everything he's about to say on the album by comparing himself to a mockingbird. I like the entire album.

    Thanks for leaving a response on our blog: and thank you for all the kind words - it's really a blessing to know people enjoy it.