Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Austin Blog

Okay, okay! Here is the Austin Blog everyone (Cliff) wants to read!

As you probably read from the wedding blog, I was very tired and stressed from work. I had no idea how a vacation could change my mindset so much! This is probably my first real vacation since I've been out of school. It wasn't at family's house or on the way to family. It was just vacation, with our favorite couple, Cliff and Teresa!

After the wedding, Jon and I got home, dropped our bags on the floor, and crashed. The next day we got up to lead the weekly worship service at a rehab center here, then we dropped off the tux, and headed to Austin! We met up with Cliff and Teresa in Waco, and drove to Bee Cave, a very nice suburb of Austin. We stayed in a beautiful home, the home of Cliff's dad, Tim. Tim and his wife Laura had stocked the pantry for us, and we had no expenses but a couple of meals out! It was great!

We slept late, worked on a crossword puzzle (yes, one crossword the entire time), read, watched movies, and then did touristy stuff like going to the LBJ library and the state capitol. Thanks, guys, for going to those! I wasn't as impressed with the LBJ library as I was with the Bush library. I would highly recommend the Bush library to anyone heading to College Station. The capitol is always fun to see, and it was fun to freak Jon out when I wanted to take a picture over the balcony of the floor.

It seems I took lots of pictures of the house. First, it was a gorgeous house, and I wanted my mom to see every detail, because she would appreciate it. Second, I kept forgetting what pictures I had already taken, so there are lots of duplicates. Sorry about that.

The whole vacation was perfect. The house where we stayed was better than any 5 star hotel, the food we ate was great, and our only real expense (when we went out to eat), and we got to kick back and have fun with Cliff and Teresa, whom we don't get to see as often as we'd like. I came home completely relaxed and no longer unreasonably consumed with work. My life kind of evened out over those few days, and I came home much happier, which I'm sure Jon appreciated. :) I would recommend that everyone go on vacation. :)

Here is the link to my Family and Friends page. If you have bookmarked it before, I've changed the link a little, so you might need to re-bookmark it. It has pics of our Austin trip, birthday pics (we celebrated that the weekend after), and wedding pics. I've had some trouble getting all the captions to work, but I hope I've got it all figured out now.

In other news, since it's been forever since I posted, here's an update on Friday:
He got really sick last week, with a very high fever and generally not feeling well. It turns out that because of his heart murmur, he had several small blood clots, which caused the inflammation which caused the fever. He is now feeling much better, and will be getting Aspirin for the rest of his life as a blood thinner, just like for people who are susceptible to clotting. He's still a wild and crazy kitten, but is starting to mellow out into an adult cat a little. But only a little.

This was my view from my window one day:
Yep. A squirrel found the bird feeders, and he was pretty determined to get some yummy sunflower seed. I missed the shot with his back feet on the pole and his front feet on the feeder. He fell too quickly for me to get it. Acrobatic though he may be, he never got any seeds.

And this is what my husband brought home last weekend!
Jon won Best Composition at the Warhammer tournament he and Dave went to this past weekend. Best Composition means Jon had the best painted, best looking army. He got a unanimous vote! And no, I did not paint it all. Warhammer is Jon's hobby, and he does a great job with all that stuff. I like painting the army men with him, but it's his thing, and he's really good at it.

I've made some changes in the sidebar. Now that Dave and Karen are married, they've combined blogs. Cliff and Teresa have also combined blogs. And as I said before, I've changed the link to my Family and Friends page slightly.

That's all for now! Hopefully my next blog will no be so long in coming. It just took awhile to get all the photos up and captioned.


  1. Yah for vacations! I am taking one TOMORROW...John and I are celebrating our third anniversary among the wildflowers in the Hill Country. I am SO ready for a vacation. I don't think our bodies were made to work this hard for this long without a break!

    Oh, and I tried looking at your pictures but it took FOREVER to load each picture. It may be my ghetto computer here at work, though.

    How sad, I haven't blogged in so long, that I forgot my login name and password! I guess starting a blog was a hasty decision on my part. I can't commit! I'm thinking about changing it though. We shall see...

  2. I'm glad you're going on vacation! And Happy Anniversary!

    I'm sorry it took a long time to look at the pics. I think I may have had my camera set at a higher resolution than normal or something, because I noticed that, too.

    And you need to blog! :) Maybe just come up with a theme for your blog. Mine originally was innovations and ideas, and it still has that ocassionally, but it gave me something to blog about. I'm trying to convince Jon to blog about world affairs, because he's always very knowledgeable about those things.

    Yours is called "Prophecies." Why not some predictions about the future--funny or serious. :)

  3. Finally...the long awaited Austin post. The pictures are nice. And Jon is so cute with his little army men...aawwww.

    Oh...and don't let your cat infect my cat...because I won't pay to fix him...I'll just re-cat! :) he he he

  4. Who knew they gave awards for these kinds of things? That is great Jon :) I think Jon needs a blog too. He needs a voice out there in the world wide web! I noticed that the pictures took a long time to load too. Is there a way i can download those from that site to my computer? If not, i kinda want the ones that we people are in. :)