Thursday, May 04, 2006


Jon just ran over my sunflowers with the mower. It's kinda funny actually--we went out there together and talked about how to mow around the sunflowers (they're about 5 in. tall right now). I watched out the window as he carefully moved all the pots and benches, and then mowed the whole thing down.

I almost ran outside to yell at him, but decided to stay inside and see what his face looked like when he figured it out for himself. He backed up the mower to take another swipe at it, and all of the sudden his eyes got really big and he started yelling. It was so funny, I ran outside laughing and saying, "It's okay! I can plant more!!"

He looked from the beheaded plants to me and said, "I've committed sunflower-cide!" It was just too funny to be mad at him. Now I'll just start over again, only this time maybe in a pot. :)


  1. Teehee, teehee! Too darn funny. At least he loved you enought to discuss not mowing them over...even though he did! That's a good guy right there!

  2. blahh haaa haa haa! I am rolling on the floor caue I can just picture his face. How funny!Good story lydia.


  3. What a great story! Should we have a sunflower memorial service? or a sunflower funeral? or should be consider that they've already been sacrificed, are no longer intact, and, alas, there's nothing left to which to pay our respects. sigh!

  4. Aw, husbands do such funny things sometimes. One time when I had a headache, it felt good for some reason for John to hit my head lightly and repeatedly with his it relieved some of the pressure. Now, anytime I have a headache...he starts hitting my head! Depending on the kind of headache it is...most of the time the hitting worsens it! Poor John, he just wants to help. :-)

  5. I approve of the plan of potting the next sunflowers. As for commemorating this batch...You could make a little gravestone and put it in the flowerbeds. Or, make chalk outlines of them and put up a "crime scene border." Either way, it would be quite funny. And it might get you reported to the neighborhood association.

    Fun story!

  6. I like the crime scene tape as a border. I think that would be very funny, and it would keep the mower off my plants!

    What I also think is funny is the idea of a neighborhood association in my neighborhood. We're the neighborhood who collectively lets the grass die in the summer, mows only when the weeds block the front door, and uses things like old washrags, used cups, and broken bottles to decorate our yards. I think any neighborhood association around here has its own bandana color and hand sign, if you know what I mean.

    Actually, crime scene tape might be quite fitting!

    Hm...reading over what I wrote, I only exaggerate about the weeds at the door thing (though we do wait as long as possible), but it sounds a lot scarier than it really is.

    My back yard is free of litter and full of songbirds and a vegetable garden. For the moment it's still green because we're getting lots of rain. So that sounds nicer. And I don't get much further than my back yard on most days anyway.

    (So don't worry, to any family who read this!)

  7. Lydia, you underestimate the importance of a neighborhood association in a location such as yours. If it weren't for the association, who would ensure that everyone's window bars coordinate? Or that they spell-check their graffiti? Even the various "lawn ornaments" you mentioned must come off the approved list. And, after all, who is it that decided that your neighborhood would "collectively" let the grass die in the summer? If that's not an association, I don't know what is.

    Sigh.... this is making me miss our old home on the wrong side of Waco Dr. I think I'll go out on our balcony and check out my yard: Two little flower pots and the cheapest flowers from the bazaar.....

  8. Lydia, a note from family who read this and worried about you...

    I keep thinking of how you asked me if that was an OK neighborhood when you found the place. Well, obviously it's not...but it used to be when I lived there 10 years ago. I was talking to another Fort Worthian this weekend who said lots of neighborhoods in south Fort Worth are going down. I even looked at some duplexes that are just two blocks from my parent's house. They were worse than yours! It's a strange reality, and intersting phenomenon about cities and neighborhoods. Hey, Mandi, I bet your Waco Drive neighborhood was the place to be 20-30 years ago!