Saturday, June 17, 2006

Buddy at Summer Camp

Buddy is our friends' cat. He's here for summer camp! He's a little older than Friday, and much better behaved! As a matter of fact, since Buddy came, we've noticed a dramatic difference in Friday's behavior. He hasn't bitten us once since Buddy came! I think he realizes he has some competition.

Here is Buddy:
Isn't he a nice looking cat? I'd already taken 10 pictures of him. He looks like he's getting wise to the camera, now.

He likes to sleep a lot. This is also very different from Friday. Friday likes to poke Buddy until he finally gets up and wrestles with him. They like to rough house. :)
At first, due to the changing from normal people/schedule/home to summer camp, Buddy didn't eat much, but now the bowls are getting emptied at a pretty fast rate!
You'll notice Friday is the messy eater. No Clean Camp Award for him!

All in all, camp is going well for both kitties. Buddy is getting daily exercise, and Friday is getting schooled in the ways of wrestling. He's getting much better. If I could figure out how to get video sizes small enough, I'd post a funny video where Friday shows himself to be a pansy who's never encountered another cat before, much less one who will bonk him on the head.

In other news, I got my hair cut today. I took a picture right after the lady fixed it, because I figure it will never look like this again:
Pretty much bangs and layers, and for the first time ever, my request to still be able to put it up in a ponytail was actually granted! Sorry I look so serious. It's hard work trying to take a picture of yourself! :)


  1. Those are great. We miss buddy, we want to pet him now lots! We like your hair, and yes you do look very serious...something I'm sure doesn't happen often ;) Your public wants more pictures of the kitty!!!! WE DEMAND IT OR ELSE WE SHALL REVOLT!

  2. I like the hair too! I have an appointment next weekend. Wish me luck! Can't wait to meet Buddy... he looks soft and cuddly! Love Friday and all, but the kid is just so squirmy! Lots of exclamation points!!

  3. Love the haircut. It's a longer version of what Richard did back in high school, I think. Anyway, it's flattering; I hope it's easy to manage.

    The cat pictures are wonderful..keep'em coming. I love the Summer Camp theme. Friday will get the Most Energetic Award while Buddy will receive the Most Well-Behaved Award!

  4. Love your new 'do- you look tres chic (insert French accent).

  5. I was rolling on the floor laughing at your post...not your hair cut, but the cats. Summer Camp?!?!?! too funny. and LOVE the cut. I am hoping to get mine done in a short little do soon too. See you tomorrow!

  6. I got mine cut right before we left. I saw a lady in the salon with the exact haircut I wanted but she left before I could show my stylist. So I tried to tell her, shoulder lenght, flipping out from under a little bit. Well she misunderstood, and it is quite short in parts and does sorta flip out but the bottom is long and there is a short layer on top...not what I wanted. I liked it at first and thought I would just work with it and it would be fine, but now it is gettin g old. I am ready for it to grow out again! :) I really like yours Lydia!

  7. @Karen N: I guess you're about right on schedule. It seems that most brides chop their hair off pretty soon after getting married. They grew it out for the wedding, now it's time for something new! You'll have to post pics! Can't wait to see you tonight!

    @Teresa: I have to admit I took a picture of Candace Bergen with me to the salon! I usually don't take pictures of people 30 years my senior, but her haircut was nice. :)

    @Karen D: He is soft and cuddly! I'll tell him to look forward to you petting him on the 3rd.

    @adoring public: You Buddy fans are scary...maybe I should set up some sort of security. Friday won't do...but Jon will! Yeah! So you just tell me what your "or else" is! I dare you!

  8. Hey, there is NOTHING wrong with 30 years your senior! For that fact, there is nothing wrong with 40 years your senior! You look terrific with your new cut...I love it. Hope you had fun with the Norvells tonight!

  9. Lydia, cute hair! I've been growing mine out because ponytails are so much easier for the summer. But, you are making me think of cutting it..... in the fall.

    I'm working hard to keep Cliff & Teresa from petting the street cats over here. They're not nice and friendly like Buddy & Friday! I'm glad that you guys are being such excellent camp counsellors at the Kitty Kamp!

  10. Yea!!! Buddy! I'm glad he's made it to the pages! I am also glad summer camp is going well. And I like the new haircut. Good job Candace Bergin!

  11. It is summer camp. We took our "kid" and dropped him off for the summer to play with the other "kids." Then we went on "vacation."