Monday, June 12, 2006

The Blue Snake

Have you ever seen a child with the proverbial "blankie?" The blanket/toy/whatever is nasty and old, dirty and ragged, but the child loves it and carries it around anyway?

Have you ever heard of cats leaving "presents" for their owners? The dead bird on the doorstep, the mouse on the bed....

I think Friday has combined those two ideas into Blue Snake. It is his blankie and evidently his present to us all in one.

Teresa gave me Blue Snake before we even had a cat. We were moving to a duplex that allowed pets, which got me one step closer to owning a cat. So Teresa gave me Blue Snake (along with some gardening things for my other exciting thing--a yard). Therefore, when Friday came to our door, we were prepared with Blue Snake (and I always keep cat food in the pantry...just in case).

Here is Friday with his friend when he was very little:
Notice how tiny Friday is, and how clean Blue Snake is!

Lately, we've found Blue Snake in some interesting places.
Here, when we got back from vacation:
And here:
Oh, and this is one of the several times I've had to hang Blue Snake up to dry after Friday tried to drown him in the water bowl:
I can't tell if Friday is leaving Blue Snake as a present for us, if he plays awhile and then forgets, or what. The weird thing is that I rarely even see Friday play with Blue Snake! It only happens at night, I guess. But Blue Snake is always in a different place in the morning from where he was the night before. A lot of times Friday leaves him at our door to greet us in the morning.

What a silly kitty. Thanks, Teresa, for making sure Friday had a blankie even before he came. :)


  1. Wow...Friday looks so much better now than when he first came to you! Sorry we can't say the same thing for Mr. Blue Snake.

  2. I'm glad Friday enjoys his blue snake. :) Maybe he will learn to share with Buddy, although Buddy probably thinks he is too old for a security toy.

  3. Buddy seems to be above toys altogether. :) But he does like his belly rubs. I've never seen a kitty who liked his belly rubbed so much! :)

  4. Aw, you should post a picture of Buddy and Friday together. Or just of Buddy, ya know, if they won't be chummy for you.

  5. What a great post! That was too funny! I don't think I had a "blue snake" when I was young...but my dog did leave a dead rat on our back door step on day. It was pretty gross. you guys are thinking of getting dave a present for his bday, he said to pass on that all he wants is money/giftcards to shop...Gap and Old Navy are the safest!

  6. Well, we were considering getting Dave a present. It was really a toss-up, but since he is Jon's brother and all, we thought we might as well get him one. :)

    Thanks for the gift tips! Let us know what you want, too, just in case we decide to get you something for your upcoming birthday! :D

  7. Hey - when is Dave's bday? Karen, did you marry a June buddy?

    Lydia, I have never seen a kitty cat with a security toy - :) - love the pictures of Blue Snake everywhere! Kind of like those gnomes that appear all over the world...

  8. Dave's bday is June 20th. He missed marrying an older woman by 10 days! (or I guess 11 days, for her to technically be older) :)

    My cats growing up never had toys, so it's been a surprise for me, too, to have a cat with a favorite toy. It reminds me of that PetCo or PetSmart commercial where the dachsund carries around a toy dog with him wherever he goes. I've always liked that commercial.

  9. Petco can be a scary place. As a new dog owner, I felt overwhelmed by the towering shelves of multiple toy varieties. Then I got a lengthy lecture from an avid dog owner on what collar to buy. And in the checkout line, I was amazed at how much the premium dog food costs! Phew!

  10. Friday, you're so silly. You & your snake. Hey, it's better than an friend! Oh, wait that's Buddy--but he's real!