Sunday, August 06, 2006


I think I have a streak of the entrepreneur in me. I have come up with about 18 different ideas on how to make money, have acted on about 3 of those, but never to the point of actually doing anything.

I just think there needs to be a way to make money doing what I love. As an artist, there seems a very obvious answer. However, it takes a whole lot of guts to create art. I'd almost rather a big money investment than to release my art to the public. And you know how much I hate spending money! So, it seems I have stage fright. I really enjoyed painting for John and Karen, and that's kind of gotten me thinking back to one of my ideas: putting together several paintings for the Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival that's held in downtown Fort Worth every year.

The first year I went to the festival, Jon and I wandered into a tent with beautiful, very realistic, acrylic paintings. There was a man in the tent, and we started a conversation with him. It turns out they were his wife's paintings, but she hated the "selling" part of the deal, and contented in making the paintings, and allowing her husband to do the PR. Jon and I decided that if I were ever to do paintings, we could probably work a deal like that. At the time, though, I wasn't really sure painting was my art form.

In a way, I feel unqualified. I know God has given me artistic talent, but it still has to be honed to be any good. I've only taken one acrylics class, and didn't feel like I understood what I was doing until the very end. It's hard for me to work hard at something that I'm not good at. It's hard for everybody. But, I would be dishonoring God to not perfect a gift He has given me.

So here it is. I'd like to start making paintings for the arts festival. I know, I know...I come up with a lot of hare-brained ideas, and I don't follow through with most of them. And I'll probably get discouraged and want to quit. So that's why I'm letting you know, so you'll encourage me, ask me how it's going, critique paintings I put up here, and above all, come to the festival if I make it in! :)

Here is the info: I have to submit photos of 5 paintings by October 31st. I already have one, and if I come to the end, I could use photos of the paintings I did in college. I would apply as an Emerging Artist, which is for people who don't have experience displaying or selling their work. If I'm selected, I would be provided a booth and electricity free of charge!

I'm letting you know all this so you'll keep me accountable! I already want to give up! How intimidating! But how exciting! Aaahh!!!


  1. Go for it! I'd love to see some of your work on your blog. I have a good friend who has a talent for music. He posts all of his songs on his blog and invites comments/discussion. It's a great way to interact with him over his art.

    So, post some pictures! I think it's brilliant.

  2. Oooh, MAB, who's the friend? What's the link? I wanna listen to his music!

    And, Lyd, paint your little heart out! You'll do great!

  3. Karen,
    I think I know the friend...he also posts videos of his little daughter that I love to watch. I've commented a couple times on his blog.

  4. Oh, and mab, you can see some of my work on my portfolio site, but I haven't put up anything in the last year (mostly graphic design stuff).

  5. Aw, Emma is SO cute! Yes, Lyd, I imagine this is what our blogs will look like when we have kids. I mean, Friday is already the star of your blog, and you know how much I love seeing pictures and videos of him. :-)

  6. Go for the Festival. It's a great opportunity and will stretch you professionally. Your loving public will go en masse to the Festival to admire your work, I'm sure. That means your family will all come. :) All 6 of us. :)

    This will be a great adventure!

  7. I haven't heard of a better idea in ages. I would totally be there in every aspect of the word...I could be the assistant PR of Jon needed help even! I think you should at least harm in trying, and if you do make it in, what a great thing to put on a resume or to use to expense a grand 5 year anniversary trip!Go for it!

  8. Yea!! You chose painting. I'm very proud of you and your goal. If you don't make it into the art show (I will have words with them), you could still submit your paintings to local art places. Like the Irving art center or dsvc or whatever it is.

    You are wonderfully talented, and there is no question that you wouldn't have the support of your "family."

    Will there be cotton candy at the art fest??

  9. Lydia:
    GO FOR IT !!!!!
    Don't ever let doubt of your ability slow you down. Have an attitude ! You are the best in what you do! GO! GO! GO! Enter your work in everything you get an opportunity to enter. Let people know you are talented and are on the scene to stay for a long time. I would love to hear that you have your work on display in the art gallery in Dallas. GO! GO! GO!


  10. I, of course, also support this move of yours. You are a great artist with many different talents that others will appreciate.

    Also, it should be pointed out that most of the people commenting on this blog only stand to gain for your rising fame and fortune as an artist. Mayn of them have art from you alreay, and I bet they're imagining all the $$$ their collections will soon be worth! I know I am...

  11. Ehhemmm, Christian weren't supposed to let her in on our little money-making scheme. Now she's on to us!!

  12. I'll be there, too, Lydia! And I love to peruse art! Oh, please invite me!!

    Karen and Dave's Mom/Mom-in-law

  13. Lydia,

    I have looked through the work on your web page and I think you are incredibly talented. I think this is an outstanding idea, and you should go out for the Dallas art festival too, if they are at different times. Also, there's a cafe in Dallas (our fav-o place) called Kathleen's Art Cafe where artists hang their work for sale on the walls- maybe check that out! I will definitely ask you how this is coming in the future- can't wait to hear!!

  14. Hey Lydia,
    Did you also see that where you upload your art and enter the festival, you can also enter other festivals? there is one in Southlake which is on the way to Grapevine in 2007, and several others in the area.

    You could be the new cool artist on the scene!