Monday, August 14, 2006

On my way....

Well, I just got home from Home Depot with 64 feet of lumber for frames for my paintings! I've picked out four photos that follow the same basic style and are ones I'll enjoy painting, so I am really excited. If I get picked to be in the festival, I've decided that I'll make several more big paintings, and supplement with lots of small ones. We'll see how it goes! I'm on my way!! More postings later on the topic.

Oh, I also came home with a bump on my head. Jon put all the lumber in the back of the truck at Home Depot, and I was about to staple a red rag on the longest piece (it stuck out a few feet from the back of the truck). I had to get the staples from the cab of the truck, and in heading that way, I walked right into the end of a 1x4! I guess that's why it needed a bright red rag on it.

Jon took me to Granbury this weekend! We went to a bed & breakfast on Saturday night, and enjoyed an art museum, a nice restaurant with two guys singing requests, the lake, and a picnic! It was so great and relaxing. I just learned that I shouldn't ask the couple across from us at the breakfast table how long they've been married--just in case they aren't married at all. It was an honest mistake!

We have a new member of the blogging community. My mom has started a blog up called Carolyn's Chronicles, with some interesting commentary on working in a prison, and other things. Witty, yet poignant. :) I'll be putting her blog in the links section of this site.


  1. How nice it was of Jon to take you on a mini-vacation! I've been looking at cruises on the web lately. I seriously need a vacation! I'm thinking maybe Christmas or Spring Break we could cruise out of Galveston. Do you want to go, too?

    Congratulations on getting the lumber. Did I tell you that I met Mr. Kubara recently. He remembered you, and I told him how much you enjoyed his class and still have the rubber boots! ha! Their son is wanting to major in graphic design and is looking for a school. He graduates this year.

    Thanks for putting my link in. Here's to an onlin writing community!

  2. I wanna go on a cruise! We can't at Christmas because I don't think I have enough vacation days left. But Spring Break sounds like a possibility!

    Mr. Kubara was great! I really did love that class. It was super-easy, but a ton of fun. Where else could I have sloshed around in a creek taking measurements, and surveyed geography to create a topographical map? That class gave me a cool shirt and some stories to tell, which is a lot better than most classes.

  3. Hm...I realize from my previous comment that my idea of fun might be different from others. Taking measurements, surveying land, making a t-shirt with a dead fish as a stencil...yeah, these are not things most people list in their top 10 list. However, it was fun, and a very nice change of pace from AP classes. So pooh on you people who don't know how to have fun. :)

  4. OK, here's my head bump story: I was putting a big heavy box on our dolly at work. It was really heavy, so I just plopped it down. Well, the handle of the dolly whacked me in the forehead. I nearly fell over backwards, and I literally saw stars. I had a big bump which turned into a greenish bruise. It happened last week... so that photo I took of my hair to post on my blog, I photoshopped out the bruise. It's much better now!

  5. You photoshopped out the bruise! Haha!

    Woe to you people who don't have this wonderful tool. Acne, wrinkles, bad hair days, and yes, even bruises from mad dollies whacking you on the head--all these and more can be erased with a few clicks of a button.

  6. Well, if your forehead was green, you'd photoshop it, too! (Or I guess makeup would've worked.) That's also why the photo is sepia tone... that was my first tactic to cover up the green!

  7. K,
    That's hilarious! I never knew you had a green forehead! ha!

    I'm envious I don't have Photoshop. sigh

    to L:
    yes, your idea of fun is different

  8. I'd like someone to re-Photoshop that bruise in so we can see what it's like. And isn't it interesting that we use "Photoshop" as a verb? I like using my words incorrectly. Now that I'm learning a new language, I like mixing my languages incorrecly. Like, I'll take a new verb and put English suffixes on it. That creates a sentence like this: Right now I am pisiriyor-ing my nohut.

    (What?!? No! All I said is that I'm cooking my chickpeas! That's what's for dinner tonight along with a side of rice. What else could I have meant?)

    And if anyone complains about my improper word usingness, I tell them that I have a B.A. in English and am therefore trained and authorized to do so.

  9. I like the verb google.

    So I googled about such and such...

    I like to make up words, too. I like to add the suffix -inator to everything. Forkinator. Muffinator. (my dog)

  10. My proudest made up word is "tickinoffenist" It's an adjective to describe something that really peeves you.