Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Time for a random post

Well, it's been awhile since I've just rambled on, so I thought it was due. I mean, you could tell I was stretching with the cat bath post. Stories are just not coming into my head lately. So, today, you get snippets.

I got a new toy yesterday! It's a speedometer for my bike! How awesome is that? This morning we tried it out, and we go 10-12 mph. I have no idea if that's bad or good. Jon keeps telling me that speed isn't what's important, though. That it's keeping your heart rate up for a certain period of time. So I guess I won't worry about it. But it's still cool to have a speedometer.

Friday thinks he's found a new toy. It's my vase of flowers. These are orchids, and there are 5-10 flowers on each stem (no leaves). Friday has figured out he can pull off a flower and have a very fun toy, until it wilts and tears, of course. I think he thinks he's found a toy tree. Kind of like a money tree, only more exciting for cats.

This weekend is the Saturday o' Showers for Leanna! I've gotten almost all my Matron of Honor duties accomplished, and it's not even Friday yet! I'm so proud of myself. And I'm so excited about the showers, and especially about the wedding in less than a month! But here is my question to you: Have you ever heard of another title for the Matron of Honor? If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it! I am so glad to have the honor, but if there were another name that didn't add 20 years, that would be nice. I think it should at least be "Matron o' Honor" just for fun. :)

What else....?

Work is crazy. So crazy, that the marketing boss is giving a prize to the person who can remain positive through the next month. I'm determined, because it's a good prize. But I have to make the button or certificate or whatever that will be handed out with the prize. Like I have time for that! With all the other junk I have to do!! ... Oh, was that not positive? I mean, yes sir! One button coming up, sir!

Which brings up the topic of positive reinforcement. I've been wondering if traffic would be safer if cops gave out tax breaks or something to good drivers, instead of tickets to bad ones. Because, frankly, a speed limit just provokes people to want to break it. I have no idea why, but when the limit is 65, I want to go 70. I'm perfectly fine with going 70. But then the limit bumps up to 70, and suddenly, I feel a need to go 75. It's a vicious trend. However, I think if cops were handing out gift cards for gas, or 6 mos worth of car insurance, I might be more inclined to see a cop and say, "Pick me! Pick me! I've been going 2 miles under the whole time!!" I really think DPS should look into the idea of positive reinforcement.

Well, that's about it. If you notice that I'm posting during work hours, that's because I've worked well into the night the past several days (yes, that includes the weekend). It's been that crazy. But hopefully my part of this project we're doing is almost over. The end is in sight! I can do it! I'm going to win the button! And I really love my job, so it's worth a few nights working. Too many, and it won't be worth it. But for now, it's still a really great job.

So those are my random thoughts for the day. You may have to wait for things to slow down a little before something more interesting comes out of my brain. :)


  1. How fun would that be if you could be the matron o'honor?? like o'brien...get it? How cool. I, however, don't know if my mom would find the humor in it! But we can try, right?

    I am glad you are excited! That makes me excited. Being excited is much more fun than being frazzled!

  2. See?? It's perfect! We could do everything that way!
    Matron o'Honor.
    Sister o'the Bride.
    And then the pastor could perform the ceremony in true Irish brogue!!

    Definitely something to mention to the Mother o'the Bride. I won't get my hopes up, though, I promise. :)

    And excited IS much more fun that frazzled! It kind of keeps the "frazzlement" at bay. So does adding o' to everything. Just takes the stress right out of every situation! :)

  3. You mean..."Right out o' every situnation!" right? Teehee

  4. I like your idea for DPS to give positive reinforcement. Anybody hear that noise? It's taxes going up, up, up!

  5. I love the DPS idea, too. And I'd almost say that it could work, except...

    Positive reinforcement would COST them money rather than us PAYING them money when we get a ticket.

    It's such a money game. I would venture to say it's not really about keeping the roads safe anymore. Sigh.

  6. I wonder if it would save them money in other ways that would make it worthwhile. I can't really think of any ways, though. I'm sure there must be some....

  7. Perhaps saving in court fees, cops taking time to go to traffic court, the instillation and maintenance of red light cameras and speed reader signs. Let alone the possible lowered need for emergency 911 responders to accident scenes and the advertising budgets for silly public service announcements.

    See...tons of money right there. I deserve a gift card!

  8. I think the awards system would still cause wrecks. Just like they do now, people will slow down when they see a cop.

  9. I read an article in my local paper recently. To give postitive reinforcement to motorcyclists that were wearing helmets, they were handing out candy.

    I'm still not sure if they gave the candy to the motorcyclists at stop lights or other times when they were at a standstill, or if they chased them down and stopped them just to give them candy.

  10. ha! Life in a foreign country is so, well, foreign. Can you imagine cops here doing that? :)

  11. I completely agree about the speed limit thing. I think even calling it the "limit" just inspires rebellion. If it was posted "Safe Speed: 70 mph" I would probably heed it more than "LIMIT! OBEY OR PAY!"

    I can be very obedient for extrensic motivators. Maybe even if was just candy...or a raffle ticket for a free gas drawing! (As a teacher, I have figured out that raffle tickets are the cheapest sort of prize ever...lots of mileage just for the chance of winning!)

  12. Time for another random post?