Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The End of Summer Camp

It's officially the end of summer camp. Cliff and Teresa came and picked Buddy up last night. Now, we're waiting to see Friday's reaction. We're wondering if he even realizes Buddy is gone. After all, it took him a while to realize he was here! I thought up different ideas to keep Friday entertained over the next few days while he readjusts to being an only child. We decided not to let him in our bedroom last night. It would just be one more deviation from the norm. And he did just fine. Never whined or scratched at our door or anything, which is good for him on any day! Now he's just slept all day today.

I hope Buddy is adjusting well! I wonder if he's ventured out of his basket today, and if Gracie remembers him. Maybe he's found a nice window to watch the squirrels.

In other cat news, Friday has been battling a corneal ulcer for over a month. That's right--an ulcer on his eye. He's been a trooper, and has endured countless medicines and vet visits. (Did I say countless? I meant 4 medicines, over a period of 6 times a day at its worst, and 5 vet visits.) Yet, despite our efforts, his eye is not healing. The next step is to take him to a veterinary opthalmologist (did anyone know those even existed??), which we'll do in two weeks. That was the earliest we could get in. A corneal ulcer did not sound like a big deal to them, and they think he'll be fine. Then again, in the realm of eye grossies, I'm sure they've seen much worse.

My prayer is that whatever the solution is for Friday's eye, it doesn't make us decide between spending enormous amounts of money, or losing the sight in that eye. I don't think I could handle a tough decision like that. I mean, with a child, the answer is obvious. But I realize that a cat is not a child, and maybe it's not wise to spend lots of money on an animal that wouldn't really worry if he only had sight in one eye. But maybe it is wise. I mean, he's ours, and we're responsible for caring for him. I'm just not sure where the line is.

We've been blessed that our vet is a Christian, and knows we're in seminary, so he often doesn't charge us for things he could. I'm hoping the eye vet will be as sympathetic, because I have a feeling that he can charge pretty much whatever he wants. We'll give a report after the appointment on Oct. 9!


  1. You know, I used to balk at expensive vet bills... until I got a pet that was sick and suddenly I wanted to do/pay anything to get him well.

    John says the day that we have to pay insane amounts of $$ for pet surgery or anything like that is the day we get rid of the cat. So sad! Then again, he's not as attached as I am... yet!

    You're right, Friday is not a child, but for now... he's pretty darn close to one. And you love him. And even though he's been such a sickly little thing, you rescued him... and he wouldn't have survived if you hadn't.

    Hopefully there won't be a difficult decision to make. Maybe we can take up a Friday Fund to help with vet costs...

  2. And let's form a blogger's prayer group for the next two weeks to pray for Friday's healing!

  3. I'm for sure praying for Friday! God watches over the sparrows--He'll watch over kitties, too!

    As for a Friday Fund, we probably could have started that the minute we got him! I don't have a clue how much we've spent on him this past year, and I'm sure I don't want to know. However, we've always had the money to pay for it, and this next visit is right after payday, so we'll be okay.