Monday, May 07, 2007

Hooray for Husbands!

I was reading my mom's latest post, and was going to comment on hers about something great my husband did, but thought, "I bet every wife has a Knight in Shining Armor story, and I want to hear them!"

So, if someone can claim you as wifey-poo, comment with a great story about him! The stories can be about big or little things, as long as it reminded you about what a great guy you married.

Here's mine:

On Saturday, Jon and I propped the fence back up with extra fence boards. The fence is actually a lot heavier than I thought, and it was an effort on both our parts to get it back in place. In the process, we accidentally trapped a salamander under the fence! I noticed him wriggling, really trying to get out. I couldn't lower the fence back to where it had been, because it would squish the salamander even more, and it would require taking the entire fence back down (since it's still in one piece). I needed to lift the fence straight up. I did everything I could, but I couldn't budge the fence. Jon (who is not the animal-lover I am) was trying to tell me that it was just a salamander. However, he could see that it really bothered me, so, putting aside the thought that the fence could fall back down (and that it was silly to save a salamander), he managed to lift the fence just high enough for the little guy to scurry away.

My hero!


  1. YEA! Jon!!!

    Too many to tell, but here's one of my fav's:

    As you probably know, I did a stint in the little town of College Station. It wasn't the best of times as family and hubby-to-be were far, far away. Well one particularly un-fun day, I went to the local HEB to get my weekend food. Well, I locked my keys, my purse, my cell phone in the trunk of my car.

    Not knowing what else to do and feeling oh-so-sorry for myself, I borrowed someone's phone and dialed the only number I could remember -- Joe's.

    So being my knight in shining armor, he jumped in his truck after work at Baylor and drove 1.5 hrs to take me to my house and get my other set of keys.


  2. Aww those are both great stories! I will try to think of a specific story, but for now I can say that he was really great all those days when I hated work.

    He would randomly bring me flowers. He would go grocery shopping and come home with a "real simple" magazine for me to read. He would hug me and let me cry all over him. And now he can even offer to sub for me and we will both get paid for the day! :) He is a wonderful hubby!!!!

  3. Yea, I'm glad my blown tire story sparked the Knight stories!

  4. Tim was my knight in shining armor last Wednesday with Little Blue. He put up with me and Little Blue in the back seat, while he drove...listening to me say "Now be cautious on that turn at 25 mph. We have precious cargo back here." The entire process he was patient, loving and took on little Blue like he was our own. If you're confused with the story of little Blue see my blog, but he was a bird we rescued. Anyways, case and point, my hubby loves me enough he's willing to help when necessary in bird rescues and will one day make a great dad because he's patient with me and my "present children."

  5. Latest reason my hubby rocks: When I wake up at all hours of the night with heartburn, leg cramps, or aching hips (who knew pregnancy made your butt hurt?), he wakes up, too. He'll get me water, rub my legs, and talk to me until I can get comfy and go back to sleep. And right now he's in the kitchen doing the mound of dishes I left behind from yesterday. These stories aren't very dramatic, but in my whale-like state right now, they are essential to my sanity. That's my great man!

  6. I've been debating on the best way to comment here... yes, I can recall specific situations where my Knight saved the day, but what is more meaningful to me is the day-to-day ways that he shows me love and support.

    First of all, he knows that my love language is words of affirmation, and he always speaks to that... telling me I'm beautiful, smart, encouraging me... he also makes a point to speak highly of me in front of others which also makes me feel special.

    He occasionally brings home jewelry and flowers as a surprise... he never has to be prompted to do this, either.

    He has been very excited and supportive of my new business venture... even more so than I am. He has been very helpful in setting things up, teaching me things about web design, and he even markets me to people he encounters.

  7. @Everyone's responses: Awwwww...I love it.

  8. Me, too! We have such great husbands! I love everyone's comments! The variety reminds us that our hubbies do great "save the day" kinds of things, and they do little everyday things that make life better.

  9. Almsot every morning when he is not already at work, my husband gets up with me at 6:30 and packs my lunch and makes me some breakfast to take in the car while I get myself ready. He knows I'd drink two Dr. Peppers and call it breakfast and lunch if I were left to my own devices in the morning.

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