Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Storm

Yesterday, I took a picture of my flower garden. It's doing so well, and looked so pretty! I planted three rose bushes in a new pot, and I was so excited about them. Here's the picture to immortalize my success. :)
Then, last night, the storm hit. I was over on Holly's side, making dinner. It rained harder and the wind blew more than I've ever seen before. Jon said between 75 and 80 mph. It was insane. The sirens went off, and we were watching the weather reports closely. Just as my stir fry was ready, the electricity went off. So, we used flashlights to serve up our plates, lit some candles, and took the whole picnic into the bathroom. I'm not a huge fan of eating in the bathroom, but hey, you do what you gotta do. And it kept our minds off of what could potentially be happening outside. Toward the end of dinner, we got a phonecall from Holly's aunt, who must have had power still, and knew that the worst was over. We finished our meal and came out of hiding.

The rain had slowed to a soft drippiness, so we headed over to my side of the house to get some extra candles, check on the cat, and make sure things were still intact. It was then that I saw this:
Can't tell what it is? Let me show you in the daylight:
Yep, the fence fell over...right on top of my beautiful flowers. Both pictures were taken after Holly and I got the plants upright and away from the fence. Many had fallen over, including the roses, which had fallen out of the pot entirely. I hope they make it.

You'll notice that there's still a fence up behind ours. Our neighborhood has a tendency to double-fence: Each house gets it's own fence. It turns out pretty handy--"our" side of the fence in the back is almost completely gone, and always has been. Now this side is gone as well. However, just outside of the picture frame, the other neighbor's fence is also blown over.

The electricity came on at 3:15am. We've made a call to our landlord about the fence. Poor guy is just having everything happen! He doesn't get back in town until Saturday, so it probably won't be fixed for awhile.

Anything else want to happen? Roof, you feel like leaking? Ants wanna take over the house? Fire? (That actually happened to a duplex a block away a few weeks ago.) Whatever it is, my luck's pretty low right now, so you've got a good chance here!


  1. Awww Lydia, I'm sorry about your roses. I know you just planted them. Glad we all made it through the storm. I hope you're flowers keep blooming and survive as well. The fence doesn't surprise me, everything was in a whirl last night. When we drove Blue to the lady's house, we saw tons of HUGE trees knocked over, traffic lights MISSING, and half of the Metroplex without electricity. But Walmart was packed and untouched, why is that? Ha ha.

  2. awe...stink! You had worked so hard too! Oh well...just all the more reason for you to make Jon build you a greenhouse when you buy a house!

  3. Well, I've already made peace with my dead rose bush, but hopefully yours won't have the same effect.

    BUT as to your poor, pathetic tone. NO MORE! You are doing quite well missy, your house is intact, you have a great hubby, fab-o friends and a crazy cat! So enjoy the sunshine and be thankful you're not the landlord! =)

  4. Sorry to hear about the mess! At least you had finished dinner before the lights went off! I am sure all the flowers will survive the ruckus!

  5. I agree with Leanna although I've had my own spate of bad luck lately. Nothing to do but keep whistlin', right?