Monday, September 17, 2007

Switching Allegience and other news

Thursday I got my car washed at Genie Car Wash. I had a coupon. It was pretty cool to watch it go through the long washer, and then have someone dry it and Windex all the windows. However, when it came out of the washer, it was lacking the one token that set it apart from all other little white cars in a parking lot--the Dr Pepper antenna ball that Karen gave me. I asked about it, and a couple of people headed into the tunnel of water and fabric streamers. After a few minutes, one emerged with an antenna ball! I smiled, glad that Princess Buttercup could once again show her drink of choice. But my smile fell when I realized the ball was a smiley face with a Cowboys football helmet on it. Hm...well, it still serves a purpose, so I stuck it on my antenna. I figure I'll fit in around here anyway.

As a side note, I found out that you're supposed to tip the person who Windexes the windows. Thankfully, I noticed a couple of people do it before my car was ready, so I had a chance to get some cash.

In other news, I trimmed my hedge today! It was a major overhaul. The last major overhaul rescued the sidewalk, which was about halfway covered by the monster bush. This time I tackled the height. The bush reached up and beyond the eaves of the house, and it dominated the exterior look. No more. With my trusty electric hedge trimmer and Holly to saw off the bigger branches, the bush is now about 4.5 feet tall. It's a huge difference. We have another bush to be trimmed, but the back of the truck was too full of trimmings to add more from the second bush. Another weekend, perhaps.

Speaking of other weekends, we're having a garage sale coming up pretty soon. Holly and I are putting together a "multi-family" affair. It really has turned out that way as other people have donated to the cause. My mom's stuff came pre-priced, so that was pretty nice. I still feel like I'm not selling enough, because my house is still full of stuff, but then I realize I use all that stuff; I just don't have proper places to put them, so they clutter the house up.

Anyway, I'm hoping I'll make a little money to go towards my camera fund. My point and shoot is on the blink, though I did get it to work today. However, it's not reliable. I was thinking the new digital SLR would serve the purpose of the point and shoot (after all, if I can take better pictures with a better camera, why not do it?). However, there are advantages to having a camera that can fit in my purse. Still, on my trips to and from the office, there are times I wish I had a nice camera and tripod with me, to take some shots. Then again, I'd always be late for work that way.... And if I'm spending that much money on an SLR, why tote a little guy around that doesn't take as good of pictures? It's a conundrum indeed. If we just got the SLR, the money we would spend on a point and shoot would go toward the SLR. If we got both, I'd have a lot further to go toward the camera I want. What are your thoughts?


  1. Good post.

    I like the trimmed bush; it improves your sidewalk view of the house.

    Why did you take the cowboy ball instead of insisting they get yours??

    The need both. One for convenience and one for perfection shots.

    I don't think all my stuff was priced, just some of it that was left over from another sale. Sorry. Hope you have a good sale and make lots of money.

  2. @Momma: Well, most of it was priced, which is better than all my stuff!

  3. I think you should get a little guy and a big guy. It's nice to whip out at a birthday party or concert where you're with friends, but it's really not feesable to bring the big guy.

    But when you do want those special shots, you have time to go out and take photos and you do have room to bring it, of course bring the big guy.

    My thoughts...

  4. PS - sorry about your DP ball. Maybe you can get another one!

  5. Wouldn't the big camera have a point and shoot option? Where you can just set it and go?

    I'd say just get the nice one. Get a nice case and carry that around. Granted it's not as convenient, but you'd be more pleased with the overall quality of your pictures.

    Once you see how cool the pics are, you won't want to go back to a point and shoot... well, I would expect so... I don't have any experience with it or anything.

  6. Brianna has a nice big one and the last few times my sister and I have seen her, she only used her little that's my point of reference and my own opinion! =)

  7. Something I forgot to mention is that my video camera has still-shot capability, at about the same quality as my P&S did. Still, it doesn't have the convenience of a P&S nor the quality of the SLR, so I don't win either way by relying on it. It's handy when I'll already have the video camera out, maybe on a vacation or something.

    I'm inclined to go with Karen, but I'm just not sure I would carry it around as much. But pro photographers says to carry a camera with you everywhere; you never know when that winning shot will happen. Surely they're not talking about a P&S, because a winning shot that can only be enlarged to an 8x10 isn't much....

  8. Well, you looked like a natural with the camera strapped to ya at Maw Maw's wedding. I bet you wouldn't mind carrying around the case... I mean, we carry around big ole purses, laptop bags, tote bags...

    Ooooh, that's the solution! Just get yourself a massive mom purse and the SLR will fit in there!

  9. Really, you do need both, since the truth is that the inconvenience of lugging around the larger camera and all its many implements will prevent you from bringing it at all on "normal" trips and to "normal" events.

    However, being your husband, I do share your reluctance to go that route, since it will take longer for us to save the larger amount of money.

    So, let me conclude by saying "I'm with you" on this. You'll do well with whatever you choose...I think photography is definitely a long-term thing for you, whether or not it makes any $$$.

  10. Yea! for a loving hubby!

  11. @ Jon: Photography certainly doesn't have to be a money making hobby to be enjoyable, but glad you're supportive either way.

    @ Lydia: I would say both. You'll always want a backup if one is in the shop. I would be more inclined to carry the larger with me. However, I wouldn't carry it every where. You have to live your life and form visual memories for yourself. And don't do justice to a moment. However, I am drooling over the same camera as you--however, I think you're closer to the prize than I am. But one day...

    Your hedges look nice and your garage sale will be a great way to make money. Unfortunately, I don't have any more garage sale items because I had four massive ones in May 2004 with my in laws, my parents, mine, and a friend's load of stuff. Some of the money was used on our move here actually and my first semester at seminary.

    I never tip at car washes. I see others do it, but I don't see why people have to tip for everything. It's something I'm still trying to decide on.

  12. @Margie: Thanks for the input. I'm still torn....

    You know you'll always be welcome to borrow the camera if and when I can ever afford it!

  13. OK, then, buy the nice one first and start saving for the other one. So, you'll at least have your fun, fancy camera to play with.