Monday, September 24, 2007

Why I need Lasik

Today was like any other day.

I turned on the shower water, waited for it to heat up, laid my glasses on the bathroom counter, and stepped into the bathtub.

Standing under the water, I noticed a dark fuzz on the floor of the tub (everything is fuzz without my glasses). Hm, must be towel fuzz. And I flicked some water on it. It dutifully headed to the drain.


to my horror,

it stopped.

And headed back up the incline. My towel fuzz was scaling the wall of the tub!!

Fearing the unknown (an ant? a spider? a tick? a baby roach?!!) I scrambled out of the tub--no easy task with wet feet on a wet tub. I fumbled with my glasses, cramming them onto my face as quickly as I could.

There was the perpetrator. My "towel fuzz" was a black spider.

Whispering a quick thanks that it wasn't a baby roach, I reached for a cup, filled it up, and sent the spider down into the plumbing.

I spent the rest of my shower humming, "Itsy bitsy spider...."


  1. Oh Lydia! At least a roach couldn't bite you!!!

  2. Yes, but roaches scare me.

  3. Ewwwww....your towel fuzz has eight legs. Dude, you need Lasik. Although when I found a spider in the shower once...I screamed. So we both need help in situations like these.

  4. Hmmmm moving fuzz. A phenomenon I have never experienced. Not fun!

  5. I always check the shower for bugs before I get in.

  6. I'm with KarenD. My sad, sad lack of vision requires that I look all around the shower before I remove my glasses. Otherwise I might have a repeat of the time I took a shower with a roach and didn't know it. (It was chillin' on the dark shower curtain.) My scream upon finding my shower mate was so loud that my brother (the only one home at the time) came running like a madman. He was my hero and killed the nasty thing. (I abhor them, too.) Since then: thorough check of the curtains, the tub, the walls, and behind the shampoo bottles. Oh, and no more dark shower curtains. No way!

  7. Oh... I forget to check the curtain! I'll be sure to start doing that!

  8. You should also shake that curtain, since they could be hiding further up. I recently heard some scurrying in the tub while visiting that room. I checked the tub area, but found nothing until I decided to shake the curtain some and down dropped a spider.

    Just a word of warning...

  9. That was in MY bathroom?? Great!

    I've never minded spiders, but I'm liking them less and less the more they invade my bathroom....

  10. Do spiders scurry? Odd... I always imagined them silently lurking.