Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Anniversary

There comes a time in a marriage (especially when the two are opposites) when those traits that we once held dear about our beloved spouses become...well...not so dear. That was this year for us. Jon had just about too many times when I was busy, or double-committed by accident, or taking other people's feelings into account over all else, or making mountains out of molehills. And I was tired of Jon's black and white worldview, his "my way or the highway" attitude. Add a few stresses into our lives, and out comes a big, black knot that's hard to untangle.

That has been the past year for us. We've gotten into that knot. But, by the grace of God and the love He gives us for each other, we've gotten out. I'm sure we'll get into similar knots in the future, but it's good to know that we don't give up. That we remember why we married each other.

I remember that Jon is my rock of stability. When I face things I don't understand or can't conquer on my own, I feel helpless and flail harder against the unconquerable. Jon helps me realize that I can't do things on my own, and some things aren't for me to do at all. I can't wave a wand and make things better in our life or the lives of my friends. Some things (most things) are for God alone to handle.

I remember that Jon is my discernment. When I see an opportunity to try/learn/be involved with something new, I jump at the chance. After exhausting myself and turning my priorities up-side-down, I've realized that Jon has a good sense about whether or not I should involve myself.

I remember that Jon is my home. I flit from friend to friend, enjoying coffee with one, playing guitar with another, dinner with a third. All are good things, but at the end of the day, I come home with nothing left to extend to my husband. I am reminded that Jon is my Best Friend above all.

We've been married 5 years, now. And I'm so thankful for each of those years! God has taught us through each one.

Tomorrow (Friday) is our anniversary, but we celebrated on Tuesday. Jon started the day with a surprise from Edible Arrangements! When he told me to be home by 2:00, I thought sure it was flowers, but he knows I love surprises! And who can resist chocolate covered strawberries?!

Then we got dressed up and ate downtown at the Reata! We even got to use valet parking, and I felt so special when someone came and opened my door for me. We ate pretty quickly (the food was delicious), and then we sat and chatted for a long while, sipping cappuccino and pondering where the next 5 years may lead us. We went up to the rooftop of the building, which is a garden/bar (maybe I should say "bar/garden" since most people were there for the bar) with fountains and flowers and a beautiful view of the city all lit up for Christmas.

All in all, it was a sweet, wonderful memory. I'm thankful for the many wonderful memories we have tucked away from these past 5 years. I love you, Jon!


  1. Great post! CONGRATULATIONS on five years of marriage. You two have had a good start together. I'm proud ofyou!!

  2. Wow, five years. Can you believe it? And wow... the next five years, who knows what they will bring?


  3. Wow...5 years. I loved reading your post, Lydia. It kinds gives me a window into what obstacles Dave and I will face in a few years. Of course right now I can't imagine any of his behaviors getting on my nerves (hahaha) but I know that will change. I pray that the Lord brings us through that "knot" with as much strength and grace as he did you two.

  4. Congratulations on 5 years! We love yall!

  5. Lydia and Jon, congratulations. And thank you for continuing to work at a better more intimate and meaningful marriage. It truly does help the rest of us "young" marrieds!

    Have a great Anniversary/Vacation/Christmas!

  6. Happy Anniversary Lydia! Marriage only gets better and stronger after each "knot" is conquered. Congrats on your past five years and best wishes for the next 90!