Monday, December 31, 2007

I did it.

As many of you know, I love salsa. LOVE it. Chips and salsa is just about the perfect snack. Or meal. Whichever. I wouldn't call myself a connoisseur of salsas, but I am kind of picky. I only like Mexican restaurant salsa. As a matter of fact, good salsa is one way I rate Mexican restaurants (the other is cheese enchiladas, but that's another topic). I do NOT like salsa from a jar. Grossie.

So, I make my own. I've got a good recipe that's easy with few ingredients (some of you may know it). Jon is not a picky salsa eater, but his one complaint was the consistency. He likes salsa that stays on the chip, and my blender was creating a thin puree of the oh-so-lovely salsa.

Enter: the food processor! When I requested a food processor for Christmas, it was for two reasons. One, because I can't seem to chop onions without also chopping myself, and two, because I figured it was a way to get a thicker salsa. And I was right!

Let me segue for a moment and also say I'm in constant pursuit of better salsa. This combined with the fact that the key ingredient of my normal salsa--Trappy's Torrido Peppers--seems to have become persona non grata led me to try out a new recipe.

Here it is:

Put these ingredients into the processor with the chopper blade and chop on high:
1 bunch cilantro, gathered and tops cut off (maybe about 2C loosely packed?)
6 hot chili peppers (mine was Mezzetta brand)
2 green onions
3 Chili Cascabel (they're dried chipotle peppers--mine was Fiesta brand)

Then add these and chop on low:
1 28 oz. can Hunt's whole tomatoes (some of the liquid poured off)
1 10 oz. can Rotel
Garlic, Salt and Cumin to taste

Mmmmm......a perfect salsa.... Look at it! Great color, wonderful taste (I love the cilantro!), and the chunky consistency Jon likes. I was worried that the cilantro wouldn't chop well in such a big processor, but it worked beautifully. And it added such a great flavor! The chipotle peppers add the darker color and a little more depth to the flavor as well.

So now go! Why are you still reading? Go get some cilantro, some yummy peppers, and a food processor! Go!

Oh, and then invite me over! I'll bring the chips!


  1. Congrats on perfecting your recipe! It sounds amazing!! When are you bringing me some??

  2. ah the joys of a food processor!

  3. Mmmm salsa...another reason we're such good friends.

    I'm in the market for a chopper/processor too for this reason. What size is yours/how many cups?

  4. This one is 14 cups, which turns out is pretty big. :) I liked it because it has a large opening at the top, so I don't have to pre-cut stuff before sending it through the slicer or grater. I still have to precut for chopping (quarter the onion).

  5. Cool! I like that it chops your food for you and thus saves a step in the prep time!