Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Step

Today I've signed up to donate my photography to an auction whose proceeds go to a Christian school here in town. I'll be donating a sitting and a 16x20 portrait. I had started to donate an 8x10, but that's not going to be very impressive over someone's mantle, s0 a 16x20 it is. I'm giving about a $150 value (yes, those new prices I've yet to really use), and hopefully someone will bid more on it than that so that the school will make lots of money. And also, hopefully, this will be good publicity for me, too. I'll get to have my business cards set out as well as a sample of my work.

As far as a sample goes, I have two options for family portraits. One is the Sapp family. The other is the Schield family. The Sapps are a little older, with two grown boys, while the Schields are a mixture of ages (though they're all siblings except Mrs. Schield). The Schields is a more colorful picture, but I like the lighting in the Sapp portrait. What do you think? Let me know which one would make you bid for a portrait sitting for yourself.


  1. So someone will bid for a 16x20 portrait of people they don't know? I'm a little confused...

    As to which picture is better, use the Scheild family. It still has some of the back-light highlights like the other picture, but, in my opinion, the background is more interesting and I like the colorful foreground. And I like the positioning of the subjects' heads better in the Scheild family portrait.

  2. Thanks for your opinion! They'll be bidding for a sitting and a portrait from that sitting, but I need to put a sample up so they'll know the quality they'll get. I'll keep the sample for any future displays I might have.

  3. Why can't you use both??

    Ok, here's another way to think about it too. If it is a middle school or high school, use the Sapps, because they're older and the bidder might relate better to the older children. However, if it has all ages (pre-k on up) use the other...
    You want them to feel connected.

    And way to go Lyd...what a great idea and a great step!

  4. Yeah, I agree with Leanna depending on the ages of the children. I do love the drama of the Sapps though. I think this will be great! And we need to chit chat about your graduation gig for Tim in July. :) We want to hire the cutest photographer around (other than me). Ha ha!

  5. I think the Sapps is the way to go. Although I really like the coloring in the Schield family photo, I think the arrangement of the people in the other one works best.

    However, I agree with Leanna & Margie about the ages. If you're working with younger kids, then ignore my advice. :)

    Good luck with the auction! I'm excited!

  6. I agree with Leanna...use both. You never know what a person will want in a family portrait. I'd also do one of a baby sitting. Could you print 8x10's as samples? That would cost less and still show the quality.

    Either way, good luck with the auction!

  7. I like the way the Sapps are arranged and the lighting. They are both great, but something about this one catches my eye more.

  8. I only have room for one to display. I'm using a 16x20 because I want people to see how great photos look when they're done larger. Plus, it's a good investment for future displays. If I'm at a show with a display of 8x10s, no one will see them well enough to want to come over.

    I don't know if the ages are K-12. My friend who teaches there teaches kindergarteners, so maybe I should go with the younger family?

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  10. I vote for the Sapp photo. I also prefer the arrangement of the family and the lighting there. I love the color in the Schield photo but the other one is more overall appealing. To me, that is.

    Both are wonderful though.

    I can't wait to see more of your work!