Friday, March 21, 2008

This year's garden

This year, I haven't done nearly the planning as I did last year. I decided this morning that during my afternoon holiday, I'd go get some flowers. I didn't know how many, or what I would put where. I did know I wanted another rose and cucumbers.

So, I went to my favorite garden center and found flowers: petunias, daisies, verbena, and a rose. I also got some herbs: cilantro, dill and chives. And of course I got the cucumbers.

When I got home, our neighbor (not Holly) had her normal passel of kids over--her own, her nieces and nephews, and I'm pretty sure a few just come over that are no relation. Anyway, one little girl asked if she could watch me plant. Fine, I said. I was planting the herbs at the time, so I had them smell the leaves of each herb and I told them what they were and how to use them. I was pretty proud of myself. (Oh, and I say "them" because one little girl had grown to two girls and three boys, ranging in age from 5 to 10, most closer to 5).

Then, suddenly, it was not fun any more to just watch. Everyone wanted to help. Which was okay, because at the moment I was struggling with getting my rose planted. Well, before I knew it, the rose was done, as well as all the flowers, and all I had done was enough to show them how to plant. I showed them the proper way to get a plant out of it's plastic pot, how to carefully separate the roots, and how to cover it with dirt. I planted two flowers, and suddenly, each kid is at a different pot, planting "their" flowers however they saw fit. And, they didn't do too bad of a job, I have to admit.

They all begged me for the petunias. They asked how much they were, and could they buy them from me. I told them to ask their mommas to take them to Wal-Mart to get some petunias. I'm sure their mommas will appreciate that. But, at the end, we had a little dirt left over, so I asked each kid to fill one of the little plastic pots with dirt, and I gave them all seeds I had left over from last year's gardening experiment. They planted them and I watered them, and each kid took one home! I hope they have better luck than I did!

So, at first I was pretty proud of myself, able to handle five and sometimes six kids in a garden. Then I got a little frustrated, because I was reminded how self-centered kids are--especially young ones. But I think they had fun, and maybe they'll want to garden a little. And it was pretty cool, all in all.

I hope my plants grow! If not, I'm totally blaming it on the kids. :)


  1. were a good neighbor, and I'm sure all their mommas appreciated it greatly!

    Good luck! I still haven't seen anything out of my strawberry plant or bulbs...who knows.

  2. Fun story! I'm sure they enjoyed the afternoon learning something new.

    Our wisteria purchased in Waco last year is finally blooming...and it's purple, not white like the tag said! argh! Still, it's beautiful and fragrant.

  3. @Leanna: My strawberry plant from LAST year has already made a strawberry. I didn't do anything to protect it from the winter, but it made it! And my irises haven't bloomed either--not even a sign of a bud.

  4. At our house, we are hoping for blackberries in a month or so. Also, sorry for the loss of your kitties - we lost a pet this year and I know how hard that it. Glad we share the same opinion about the Ft. Worth Herd but I'm glad we had the experience.

  5. denise/T's momma4/09/2008 12:22 PM

    hey there Lydia
    glad to hear/see you are working with the flowers
    i've been doing the same (w/o the little visitors)
    the rose is beautiful
    i trimmed the azaleas yesterday - glad i don't do that every year -haha
    keep up the good work - flowers are wonderful !