Thursday, October 16, 2008

And on the sixth...

So, here's the deal:
Open your pictures folder
Go to the SIXTH folder
Go to the SIXTH picture
Publish it to a NEW POST and tell the story of the photo.

Technically, this is the third photo in that folder, but it makes for a great story. This was March 16 of this year, my birthday. We were all at John and Karen's house to celebrate birthdays (their birthdays are right before mine). Jon and I had a little secret (and a big announcement) that day. Holding our then-one-month-old nephew, Ian, Jon's winking because no one knows that we'll be returning the favor of a nephew before the year is out!

And, to satisfy my obligation, here is the sixth photo:
Though it does slightly look like a method of torture, this is how to burp a baby when he can't yet hold his head up. John's cradling Ian's head while patting his back.


  1. How tiny Ian was then !

    And how excited and surprised we were to hear that his cousin was on the way!! That was a great birthday, yes?

  2. Awwwwe! So sweet. I like Jon's wink...very covert. ;)

  3. Yay! I love cute baby face photos!

    Now I have to play along...