Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Recipe for Wellness

In line this morning at the grocery store:
Both in front of and behind me, people whose only purchases were boxes of Nyquil. My purchases? Zinc, Vitamin C, and orange juice.

Looks like shorts yesterday and coats today wasn't kind to anybody!


  1. bleh. no good. too cold.

  2. I have had like 20 kids absent every day for the past few days. It is crazy! Break out the hand sanitizer!!

  3. If I hadn't been so sick the past five days or so, I'd have been there, too, with a buggy full of tissues, medications and orange juice. Ugh. And now my daughter is home sick today, too. We feel icky. I'm tired of sleeping in an upright position just so I can breathe. I want to lay flat! Is that too much to ask? :)