Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yummy chocolatey-ness

So the other day I got a hankering for Jason's Deli chocolate mousse. You know, the one on the salad bar. Anyway, not only did I end up going to Jason's Deli, I also found a recipe for something similar. Then I got the wrong sizes of ingredients and a little bit extra and came up with my own recipe, purely by accident. That being said, it's pretty dang good!

So here it is, Chocolate Mousse:

1 lg. pkg (5.85oz, I believe) instant chocolate pudding
2 1/4C milk (I had skim)
8 oz. extra creamy cool whip, thawed
1/2C semi-sweet mini chocolate chips

Mix the pudding and milk. Fold in cool whip. Add chocolate chips. Chill in fridge (I waited overnight, but I bet it'd be good in an hour or so). Stir and serve! Garnish with chocolate chips, if desired.

The second time I made this, I used 16oz cool whip, which is what the original recipe calls for. It's not as thick or rich, but still good, and goes further at parties. I'd still go with 8oz, but Jon recommends 16, hence this paragraph.

And um...yes, I did have seconds just so I could take the photo.


  1. um. I hate you for posting that picture. seriously. you're killing me over here. =)

  2. Oh, I love that stuff from Jason's Deli. I may have to try this! Wonder if you could scale down on the fatness and sugaryness of it since I am still fighting all those urges and defying my new year's resolutions to lose the baby fat.

  3. I bet you could very easily! Sugar-free pudding, skim milk (which I already used), sugar-free or fat free cool whip (may not be as good as extra creamy, but still yummy). I'm not sure if they make healthier versions of chocolate chips.

    Whatever you do, I'd recommend you make it the "healthy" way first, so you won't know what you're missing! :)

  4. honey the good thing about jasons is no high
    fructose corn syrup like everything they
    sell. jasons specifically uses heavy
    whipping cream daily to make their whipped
    cream and does not use cool whip period
    due to the hfcs !!!!!!!

    u eat that garbage if u want to but do
    not compare it to jasons deli chocolate
    mousse !!!!!!!!!

    1. Haha! Yes, I do suppose--in retrospect--Jason's would use heavy whipping cream. That would be the right way to do it. I actually wondered about that the last time I ate there. So next time I use Cool Whip, I'll be sure to reference it as "The Mousse That Is Not Like Jason's Deli Mousse." And if I ever feel Betty Homemaker-y, I'll do it the right way with heavy whipping cream! Thanks for the tip!

  5. Try "Enjoy Life" chocolate chips. They are dairy, soy and nut free. They taste great and are a good addition/substitute!

    Also, thanks for posting this. It is my son's favorite! Can't wait to make it for him!

  6. So instead of cool whip we use whipped heavy cream and it still tastes amazing and you get that smoothness like Jason's has.