Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July: Cut or Keep??

Let's do a little running tally of the goings on this month.....

4th of July visit with Grandma & Grandpa: +4
One very bitter wasp: -1
Check engine light on the trip: -1
$600 mechanic bill: -3
5-day trip to visit Nana & Granddad: +4
Check engine light on the trip: -1
Mosquito making a buffet of my ankles the whole trip home: -1
Started working out: +1
Strep throat for 4 days: -4
Cancel plans to see Leanna and Mawmaw: -2
Mom comes to help out: +2
Worst rash I've ever had: -3 (potential to lose 2 more points if it's not gone before the beach on Saturday)
5 days no air conditioner: -5
Caleb gets to play with his friend Noah for 3 days: +1
Stomach bug bites Jon: -3
Stomach bug bites Caleb: -1 (so far not bad, but potential to lose more points if the bug makes it to me, and even MORE points if we're not healthy by aforementioned beach vacation)
Finally celebrate KarenN's birthday: +2
Brand new air conditioner installed: +4 (potential to gain more if it's more powerful/efficient than the last one)
Beach vacation: remains to be seen, but I'm gonna give it a +6

So how do we end up? Let's see.... Well, we're at a -1 right now. But you just never know what good things could come. :)


  1. Man, you guys have had a rough go at it lately! I'm glad you didn't have Texas Life work to throw in the mix too. I hope everyone is well for our vacay, too. I'll be praying.

  2. Let's just block out the minus's, therefore July looks very good! HOWEVER, I am due some Norvell time!

  3. I told Daddy tonight you'd had a rough month. Really? he says. Do they never pay attention?

  4. I'm sure you're going to have a great time at the beach!

  5. wow, that's a lot going on. sorry you had strep throat. that's the pits...that and 5 days without air. yikes!

  6. I hope the month ended well for your family. Here's to a better August.