Monday, August 10, 2009

More random thoughts!

Jon and I have gone house hunting with a realtor yesterday and today! We talked to the financial people today, and they're supposed to get back with us with an estimate of how much we qualify for. I have a feeling we won't qualify for much. We mentioned to our realtor that we had a nice down payment saved up and that we didn't have any debt or credit card bills and she seemed to think we'd qualify for all kinds of money. However, we're down to one income, and that one doesn't really pay that great--it's sufficient, but not great--so I'm not expecting the number to be very high. It's a little disappointing that we would work so hard on the down payment and financial responsibility and still not get the "house of our dreams." But oh, well. It's a first home, and who knows how long we'd even live there. And who knows if we'll even get a house! Mostly we were just wanting to do some fact-finding, since we don't know how the process works. And it seems to be a really good time to buy.

We'd like to get a place with enough land for Caleb to run and play. That puts us looking at houses outside of Fort Worth, and probably more expensive than we can afford. We'll just see what the financial lady says tomorrow and what our budget will allow! It would be exciting to have a house, and to know that we're actually going to stay for awhile. I gotta admit, as much as I've loved Fort Worth, I'm kind of ready to move on--just because we've been planning to move on for the last year, so mentally I've been prepared to say goodbye and go. But I wouldn't mind staying if I knew we could be settled for a little while.

Jon took a higher-paying position at his security job. He starts training soon. It's a month-long training, and he has to 1) get tazed, 2) endure some kind of pepper spray, and 3) fend off 3 people (in a controlled environment with lots of padding). I'm not looking forward to it at all! But I gotta say I think Jon is! Maybe it's the male/female difference, but I just can't see enjoying that! Once he's trained he'll start new hours at a new post. He's already worked there 4 years, so there have been hints that he'll move up in the company fairly quickly now that he's finally committed to this new position. (His boss has been wanting him to do this for months; they love him there!) So, maybe this is the stability we need for awhile. It would give Jon a chance to continue his studies; he's working on a masters in military history right now, and hoping to get his doctorate.

On a completely unrelated note, some of you know that I finally took my cartilage piercing out last month. 16 months of trying to get that thing to heal and stop hurting, and I just didn't want to deal with it any more. So out it came! It took awhile for it to finally heal. What a relief to lay down at night and not have to protect my ear from my pillow! Two nights ago, though, I tried putting an earring in the hole on a whim, and it went through! Hole's still there, and completely healed! It felt just like my earlobe piercing. How awesome is that? So I kept the earring in for a day and a half, and it started hurting again. Poop. I remember when I got my earlobes pierced that I had to wear gold earrings for years; otherwise the holes would get infected. Maybe I'm dealing with something similar here? So, the earring is back out, and I'm giving it a little bit to heal up again, and then I'll try a gold earring instead of the silver I've been wearing.

Jon taught Sunday School yesterday, and did an awesome job as always. Our class has a teacher rotation, and I always look forward to Jon's teaching more than any other! (Maybe I'm biased, but I don't think so!) He planned a time of purification and worship, coordinated with the guy who leads music for our class. It was a very neat time. Husbands and wives washed each other's feet and prayed for each other, and then we worshiped with very good songs of dedication and sacrifice to our Lord. I'm thankful for a husband who will put so much time and effort into his teaching, not because he's getting paid for it or because he wants to look good in front of class, but because God has something to teach each one of us, and Jon wants to facilitate that in any way he can. Yeah, I know...he's awesome. :)

How do you like our family portrait that Karen took for us? Aren't we a handsome family? Jon and I are in constant awe that God would bless us with Caleb. He's such a great kid; we can't get over how much we love him!


  1. I love this picture! He looks so big. At first I thought, "Is that Ian? Why would they take this picture with Ian? But that child is too tall to be Caleb?"
    Exciting about the house looking! That would kinda tie you down to the area though, right? I will be praying (some more :) ) for direction for you guys.

  2. Yes, it would tie us down. However, we've been job-hunting for a year now with no luck, so maybe we're supposed to be in FW. And Jon could work on his doctorate at UNT, so we could still be moving forward while staying here, if that makes sense. We appreciate your prayers! We could certainly use some wisdom and direction.

  3. Great post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. There are lots of people who love you who are just as confused about what God is doing! However, I agree that unless there's a clear direction, you just "keep on keeping on" for a while.

    House hunting can be fun or stressful, depending on your attitude. When we HAD to have a house in a certain time period, it was stressful. When we could take our time and "browse" it was fun. Good luck with that!

    You guys are both awesome and deserve the best! We're in your corner rooting for you all the way!!

  4. Have fun looking for a house! You could always look in our new neighborhood ;) Oh, and I've heard that that tazer gun is a doozey...not that it's a surprise or anything. Sorry Jon!

  5. Lyd, this photo is beautiful. The sky, your expressions, just lovely Karen! Enjoy house hunting but don't be discouraged if you don't get your dream home. You have your lives ahead of you and if you got it now, what would you have to look forward to later on. God will continue to provide for your needs and your desires - the sacrifice you've made to down size to one income will not hold you back, God will bless this decision!

  6. Ok, let's look at this another way! Why can't you have your dream house now? Our house is not our forever house, but boy howdy was it my dream house from living in an apartment! Enjoy it, be open, and MOVE THIS DIRECTION! (it's where all the fun ppl are!)