Sunday, May 23, 2010

Home Tour: Living and Dining

I've put this series of posts off for far too long. I was waiting for things to be "just so" in the house, but I don't think that will ever happen! So I'm starting with a tour of the living and dining areas. They're at the front of the house, so the plan was that they would stay nice and clean and ready to entertain should people come over. And actually, that has been pretty true! The problem is that no one comes through our front door; they come through the garage (no garage door to inhibit them) into the kitchen, which is notoriously the messiest room in every house we've ever lived in. So oh, well. Nonetheless, the living and the dining were the easiest to clean up and take pictures of, and we'll work on the rest later.

The placemats on the table are usually orange to match the rest of the room, but those got washed and really wrinkly, so it'll probably be awhile before I get around to ironing them.

The large blank wall behind the table will be filled with framed art from my college and high school years. I'm really excited about them, because I have never put up my art before.* These are 5 black and white drawings, framed in black frames. I took them to the framer when I was in DFW, so it'll be awhile before I get a chance to get back down there to pick them up.

This last picture is Jon's "Daddy Chair" that rocks and reclines, with Caleb's chair next to it. They both love their chairs! The large doorway behind opens into the "family room" with our computers and a love seat that we use for watching movies and such on our computers. We got rid of the tv when we moved, and now rely on netflix and hulu for our boob tube entertainment. It's saved us a ton of space to not have the entertainment center, and it helps us be more discerning about what we watch.

You can also see the breakfast bar (which we use to put Caleb's play stuff underneath) that leads to the kitchen...which will most likely be the last part of this home tour you'll ever see, if I wait on it to be spic and span before taking pictures!

I'm really happy with this area of the house (as I am with most areas, actually!). It's my first time to have coordinating furniture that I picked out myself, and I think it's comfortable and casual and homey, with enough modern touches to make me happy.

* I do remember a time when I put up some of my art in a particular college apartment, and no, Hill, you don't have to worry. I'm not putting up the black and white drawing of the toilet. Maybe I'll save that for a housewarming gift for you someday.


  1. ooo, everything looks so nice! You have made a home for your family out of a house. May God bless it richly and bless those who enter its doors.

  2. Everything looks so great. I love all your fancy new furniture and daddy and son chairs. We might have to do this one day. Good job Lyd, and your art is safe and sound till you can get it!

    And, oh, I laughed at your post-note. I think I was ok with the toilet, it was the weird egg thing on stilts that confounded me! =)

  3. I forgot about the egg thing! I think Jon made me throw it away eventually. Sheesh, no one appreciates art.

  4. Looks great...very cozy and inviting! I especially love the drapes. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your home!

  5. Everything is beautiful! Congrats on feeling "settled."

  6. Love it! I really like the blue chair and the N on the wall! Can't wait to see more!

  7. "boob tube" I think you meant goob tube. You've done a great job! We loved all you did with your home when we were out there.

  8. I somehow knew that asterisk was going to involve me somehow. : ( sorry. Your house looks roomy and nice. I don't know if I'll ever have a house again : ) so you might have to just keep holding that toilet picture...