Saturday, May 22, 2010

How Does My Garden Grow?

It's been almost two months since Jon and I put in our garden. Since that post, we've added soaker hoses and mulch, and made a few minor produce changes.

The biggest problem in the beginning was I forgot to allow room for my cucumbers. I decided to plant them where I had put seeds out for tomatoes, since we had tons of tomatoes. Well then the tomato seeds came up so well that I hated to pull them up, so I yanked out the cucumber seedlings and planted more seeds where the bell peppers were supposed to come up. Those never showed up, so the cucumbers are happily growing there. Our only other disappointment was the potatoes, which I have to admit was a bit of a haphazard endeavor in the first place. We just pulled a potato out of our fridge, chopped it up and stuck it in the ground! Not sure what went wrong; some have suggested we should have let the potato cuts dry up a little bit so they wouldn't rot in the ground. So I have a bare spot there, but otherwise everything is growing great! We just had our first harvest of green beans!

Here's how the garden started on Good Friday:

And here is how it looks now!

Here's some yellow squash:
And here's one of the hard workers who make things happen in the garden:
More green beans ready to pick:
Sugar snap peas and zucchini squash:
There's a zucchini!
Cherry tomatoes
Bell peppers (that we started from plants, not seed)
And jalapenos!
Everything is growing so well, and it's so much fun to check on the garden every day and see what's new. Next year I'll plant all my tomatoes with seed, I think, because they did so well this year. And I won't use seed for peppers. Live and learn.

The biggest challenge right now is the aphid community that has moved into the sugar snap peas. Any suggestions on these pesky guys?


  1. It looks great! Some fried yellow squash sounds good! :)

  2. I always heard you have to wash off aphids with dishwashing soap and water. I guess you should google other ego-friendly ideas.