Thursday, July 07, 2005

Rainy Days

I woke up this morning to Jon getting out of bed to look out the window. I heard the gentle rhythm of rain outside. I guessed by the weak light coming in through the windows that it was about 6am but my clock told me it was 9. For the first time in a while I had decided not to set my alarm, and I was glad that this was the day I could sleep in. Jon came back to bed and we enjoyed listening to the rain while we were comfortable and dry inside.

Of course, already being awake, and being a morning person and someone who loves to watch storms, I didn't stay in bed long.

Rain is such a lovely thing. Especially during the summer. All the dusty dirtiness is washed away. The scorching heat is broken, at least for a moment. The earth seems to sigh in relief as the temperatures slowly sink to a more liveable range and the sun strains and fails to beat its harsh heat upon us.

I think about those who are affected by the rain. The birds remain silent--foregoing their morning ritual of song to opt for finding shelter. Summer mowing is postponed, allowing for the steady beat of rain to only be punctuated by thunder. The homeless huddle under bridges, thankful for the cooler temperatures, but miserable in layers of wet clothes. Stray animals doggedly search for a home or their next meal, regarding the rain as a nuisance that must be endured. And we, jobless but not homeless, open the blinds and keep the lights off so we can enjoy earth's drink.

Rainy days are not made for working, and I'm sorry for any of you who had to work on a day like this. Rainy days are made for wrapping up in a blanket, reading a good book, and petting a purring kitten. They are made to offer rest for the earth, and rest for us.

I used to be afraid of the rain and the thunder that shook houses. But I came to know Christ one scary stormy night, when I thought for sure that we would all die by the lightning that threatened to strike us next. After that storm, the sun came out to reveal a beautiful rainbow--a promise from God to me that He would always take care of me, and that I was His child forever. Ever since then, I have enjoyed storms and felt safe in the caring arms of my Father.

I hear the rain lessening, and the morning light is trying once again to come in through the window. Today's sigh is done. It's back to the vigil of work and toil for the earth. The birds will sing again, the homeless will begin to dry out, the stray will continue with it's wandering, and I must uncurl myself from my watch station and go on with the day.


  1. Beautiful writing.