Sunday, July 10, 2005

When I grow up... (life goals)

Okay, so everyone has something that they want to have accomplished by the time they die. People say that if you write your goals down, they're much more likely to come true. I have two random and far-fetched goals in life, and here they are:

1) I have a tune in my head constantly, and have had it for years. I would like to see that tune composed for a symphony. I can't really do this myself. There are limits to Garage Band and to my knowledge of it. Although I guess that's a good place to start. But I would really like to work with a composer to get the song written.

2) I would like to go in a hot air balloon over the Serengeti. In my mind, I would see roaming elephants, giraffes, zebras, lions (not eating the previously mentioned animals), and gazelles on the plains. It would be great. Obviously I want to see them more up-close and personally, but I'd like to start in the hot air balloon.

So there are mine. I've confessed! I know they're a little far-fetched, but now they're written. The likelihood of them getting accomplished just jumped dramatically! :)

So what are yours? They can be as ordinary or out there as your imagination allows. Although maybe they should fall within the limitations of the laws of physics, so no flying or being the great disappearing man or anything like that.

If you read this, comment! I'd like to know!


  1. Well I can't think of any off the top of my head, but it does not surprise me to find that you have a symphony running around in your head! :) Such an artist! And that is why I love you! :) I'll get back to you when I think of mine.

  2. Well, John and I always talk about all the places in the world we'd like to visit. It makes for good conversation on long road trips. One time on Good Morning America, the hosts bungee jumped off a bridge in New Zealand. It was so gorgeous...and what a rush! So, I've wanted to do that...not just bungee jumping, not just visiting New Zealand...but BOTH at the same time!

    On a more serious note, my wish or life goal for my "career" would be to take graphic design into the mission field. I mean, we're definitely going somewhere someday...but I would love to write and design "advocacy material," like the brochures and such they pass out at churches and conferences.

    Meanwhile, I'll just approach my current graphics position as a mission field...although I don't think I could get away with including a "Muslims need Jesus" insert in your bank statement! But I can tell you that Corporate America is definitely a mission field!

    Another be fluent in another language! OK, I better get back to work now!

  3. My goal as a teen was to live and work in France. My goal as a 20-something was to settle down and raise my family. My goal as a 30-something was to find "me time". My goal as a 40-something was to have a beautiful home and successfully raised children. My goal as a 50-something is to get ready for retirement.

    Over all these, the constant "far-fetched" goal of living in France stayed in the back of my mind. Maybe someday....but, then again, if I haven't made it a priority so far, maybe it's just a fantasy dream and not a true "goal".

    The trouble for women with goals is the men they marry. Somehow we think it's okay to set aside our goals in preference to theirs. Or we adopt theirs as ours. Where does that leave us? Waiting for the day we can, unencumbered, realize our goals. How sad.

  4. Well, but the goals that the men we marry have are not all bad, either. I mean, I guess my goals don't really effect Jon on a long-term basis like moving to France would. But it's fun to know Jon's goals and want to help him fulfill them, and I hope he feels the same way about mine.

    And I don't think Karen wants to go to New Zealand by herself! So now she has an automatic friend to go with her!

    John and Karen have the advantage of being very much alike. They are both adventuresome and want to go visit lots of places and do lots of things.

    Jon and I are pretty much opposite. I have a lot more "go and do" than he does, and that frustrates me a little. But surely even he has to admit the lure of the Serengeti!!

    And now Daddy has seen Europe, maybe he'll be more open to France, but I'm afraid you'd have to find a nice rugged spot for him, not downtown Paris.

    So the question is: Where are we going to have family holidays?? Somebody's gotta come back to the states sometime, because we can't go traipsing all over the world because of all y'all's crazy dreams! :)

  5. Well, I would have to agree with Karen and visit New Zealand. First go on a helicopter ride (my friend did, and he loved it), then I would like to hike through the forests, then I would like to learn to surf at the beach!

    Another goal is to get a dog and have a place for him to play. Now really, 23 years and no dog, sad...just sad!

    However, my present goal is to make it to Dallas and go get my man!

  6. I think New Zealand waters would be FREEZING to try to surf in!

    You'll get your dog. I say go get one now. Nothin's stopping you but a pet deposit, and most people don't even let that bother them!

    Once you get to Dallas you can find an apt that allows pets. Then you'll get two goals in one: a dog and your man!

  7. and then you'll have a doghouse to put your man when he's in trouble!

  8. I haven't really given much thought to "dreams" for quite some time. I guess I've just been thinking pretty hard on making sure the "here and now" works out OK. However, there is one dream I've thought about for a long time.

    I've always loved history - particularly military history. The ultimate application of that sort of history is in the classrooms of a military academy. I'm no real soldier, though I think I could be, minus a bad knee and a wife who wouldn't hear of it. But, I'd love nothing more than to teach real soldiers about all the really neat people and events of the world's wars. Maybe, I could even learn to help them apply what they learn from history to today's battlefields.

    I guess most of you are thinking, "Sounds boring to me." If you really know me, though, you've got to admit it would be perfect for me.

    Anyway, you asked, I told.

  9. Well I think that would be cool. I don't know anyone else who loves military history as much as you, so the job sounds perfect for you, and being in a military setting, I'm sure you would have a captive audience.

    Maybe someday we'll end up in a town with a military academy. That would be neat!