Wednesday, April 26, 2006


My debut to the hearing world will be this Sunday! That's right, I will be playing my guitar for people other than senior citizens who forgot their hearing aids in their rooms. So far, that one fact has been what has given me the courage to lead hymns on Sunday mornings at the rehab center, but this Sunday I'll be leading worship for our Sunday School class. Pray that I won't be too nervous, that my mistakes won't inhibit worship, and that I'll focus on what I offer to God and not what I sound like to the people listening.


  1. God will use your weakness and humility to bless others. The fingers will do their job just fine. I'm proud of you for sacrificing yourself to the unknown.

    Love you,

  2. Well break a leg!!! Or a guitar string!?! Well, whatever it is you say to someone who is debuting.

    Does this make you a debutante?

  3. I think it makes me a debutter. :)

  4. I bet you will be a great debutter. :) I wish I had your stick-with-it-ness to learning guitar. Mine collects dust and instead of being productive...I read blogs. sigh. You'll have to do a guitar concert for me :)