Monday, October 23, 2006


There are famous people in town! One right next door!

This is what I saw on Saturday afternoon:

That's right! SpongeBob SquarePants was in my neighbor's yard. And, judging by the silly string on my driveway, he was in my yard, too. My neighbor was having a birthday party for her son, and SpongeBob came! I couldn't resist taking a covert photo from my car. At this point, they're singing, "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands...." First, I feel sorry for the dude in the yellow box. Maybe he loves kids, or gets paid a huge amount of money (which I doubt), but that's gotta be on my list of jobs I'd never want. Second, I feel sorry for mom, and every other parent in the world who has to listen to SpongeBob and Barney all day long. What do parents do to stay sane? Maybe this was why my parents didn't have a tv when we were growing up. For their own well-being, not ours!

My next sighting that day was Tim Curry! Okay, maybe not Tim Curry himself, but he seems to be campaigning in my town!

If you don't know who Tim Curry is, he's an actor who's been in lots of things, but I will always think of him as Dr. Poole in Oscar:

And those are my famous people/sponge sightings!


  1. Congratulations!

    Yes, we did forego TV for our sanity!

  2. Oscar is a funny movie. John would reference it while we were dating, and I'd be like, "Huh?" So, finally I saw it. Apparently it's some sort of initiation into the Dickinson family.

    Is that the guy who says, "Mister Provoloney..."?

  3. Yep, that's him! It is a great movie. It doesn't seem to be a very well-known movie outside of our family, but it's fun to quote anyway. :)

  4. I love Sponge Bob. Mr. Square Pants is great!

    Did you buy your chairs?

  5. Yes, I did buy the chairs. Jon put them together yesterday, and when I get the table done, I'll post pictures.

  6. Yea! for funny sightings and for Oscar. I knew and saw this movie before I knew the Dickinson clan, so does that count for anything?

    And Carolyn -- don't you think the sanity part is stretching it a bit? =)

  7. Leanna, that's why I liked you! You met the criteria! :) Karen didn't meet the criteria, but it was in the middle of the night, and no time for criteria. And then John remedied the problem. :)

  8. Well, I never held it against you or John (or even made it criteria) that by not having a TV, you missed out on the defining television show of all children growing up in the 90s, Saved by the Bell.

    Many a quoting session has occurred or a "Remember that episode" where John just sat there puzzled because he (and you) were deprived of the preteen pleasure of watching this pinnacle presentation of high school life.

    In other news, I heard your dad was using a clip from Oscar in his gun class.

  9. Hey, I somehow managed to see several episodes of Save by the Bell. But somehow they weren't the episodes other people saw.... :)

  10. Save by the Bell must've been a different show entirely.

    Saved by the Bell, however... :-) Anyone out there singing the theme song about now?

    So, you didn't crush on Zach? I saw Screech on some "Where are they now" show recently. He was kinda creepy looking... even moreso than he was as a nerdy teenager. And does anyone remember the rumor that Mark Paul Gosselor died? But he didn't... did he??

  11. You need to blog again, missy!