Monday, October 02, 2006

Toot Toot!

Tooting my own horn here, I wanted to show you what I made for the Love Offering for Jesus push that we do every year at our church. The offering is a year-round offering, and it gives money to the major things like Annie Armstrong, Mary Hill Davis, etc. Because it's a pledge to give year-round, the amount we as a church give to these individual emphases is much higher.

I made this banner! It's 4 feet by 12 feet, and it hangs above our baptistry. The Minister of Media helped with it, as well, so I can't take all the credit, but I was there to teach him how to use Illustrator, and for design instruction. It's the biggest thing I've ever made, and I think it turned out great! So fun!

In other news, I won the Most Positive award that my coworkers and I have been in the running for throughout this past month! I won $100! Considering that the Big Boss smoothly pulled out a hundred dollar bill from a wad in his wallet when he presented the contest, I don't think he would have really appreciated the money had he won. I, on the other hand, have only seen a hundred dollar bill one other time in my life, and I'm excited about it. I'm thinking it should either go to Friday's ophthalmologist bill...or to the State Fair!!

Yay for blessings!


  1. Carolyn Dickinson10/02/2006 9:32 PM


    The banner is beautiful and worthy of the talent God has given you.

    The company award is a no-brainer ... you are an upbeat person to work with!

    $100, hmmm, how will you spend it?

  2. um...hello! State Fair! How on earth would you think about putting it to something important. I am totally of the opinion that fun, unexpected money should be spent on fun and unexpected things!!!

    love ya!

  3. Yeah, I was kind of thinking the same thing, but using it for Friday's bill would be the responsible thing to do.... I'm torn, but I really want to go to the fair. And how fun would it be not to have to worry about money there? Corn dog with extra large coke? Sure! Fried strawberries and a turkey leg? No problem! Ferris wheel three times in a row? Let's do it!

    I guess it depends on just how much this eye dr. will cost. We'll see....

  4. Hey Lyd, that looks really cool. I'm proud of you for using your talents in such a way. Now they just have to decide if they are going to put you on staff and pay for you or not! =)

    I vote for the fair. If you do want to be responsible, however, set asside $30 for Friday and take the rest to the fair!

  5. Hm...I'm not sure $30 will get us very far at the opthalmologist. Might as well use it all at the fair!! :D

  6. Hey... I did a banner for our church with the same verse, but mine looked completely different... horizontal with red, orange, and yellow with a map in the background. I like yours... I like the vertical orientation and the font... very cool!

    I knew you'd win that award at work. I just knew it. Congrats!

    Hey... when is the fair?

  7. The fair is now!!! You can go after the wedding, or you can bum a key from my sister, spend the night at my apartment and go worship God atop the freakin' huge ferris wheel!

    And Lyd - the $30 is to go towards it, so you don't have to feel too guilty about your corny dog binge!

  8. Karen--This banner started out in red, orange, and yellow! But the LOFJ logo is blue and green, as is the rest of the themed stuff, so we decided to change it to blue and green.

    Leanna--I remember laughing when our dr. asked if we wanted insurance on Friday. He was a little kitten at the time, and I laughed, thinking how silly that was.... I'm pretty sure we would have met our deductible by now, and had no worries about the fair!

  9. How much is pet insurance I wonder?

  10. But you know what... I bet the insurance wouldn't cover "specialist" visits like to the opthamologist. At least my medical insurance won't unless it's "in network," and I'm referred by my PCP.

  11. Well, he was weird as that is.

    Even if it didn't cover specialists, we've been to the normal vet 5 times in the past 8 weeks. We probably could have made our insurance money back right there. I'm definitely asking about it the next time I'm in. I'm sure it'll be pretty soon.

  12. I love the banner, I just wish they didn't have nations flags in the sanctuary. When I think of a flag, I think of a government. And many persecute those who serve faithfully in those countries...